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I was tagged by Leigh – so here goes.

Six weird things about me:

1. I love crunchy peanut butter but I detest nuts in my ice cream or my candy.

2. I had to consult my Best Good Friend on six weird things about me.

3. I must have total darkness and silence when I go to bed.

4. I love to bake cheesecakes but I hate to eat them.

5. I’m a nonsmoker and won’t even date a smoker, but six martinis in, I’m puffing away.

6. I can’t stand for the toilet seat to be open! Drives me nuts.

I’m tagging Lara, Devon, Sophisticated Writer, and Sandy S. 🙂

Now for the Disgust part…

I am, by no means, a germaphobe (Best Good Friend can attest to this). However, there are times where I find myself completely disgusted by how people conduct themselves and live.

Case in point – Monday I moved to the cubicle previously occupied by The Broad. But first, it had to be cleaned up and the supplies there removed to make way for my stuff.

I really feel like I needed a biohazard suit to conduct the cleaning of this cubicle. It was completely filthy and disgusting. I don’t mind cleaning – really – but I despise cleaning after someone else. Especially when that someone else was dirty.

I used Lysol antibacterial wipes to clean the desk and when I got done, the wipes were black. I’m not kidding. There was hair everywhere. ICK. I was completely grossed out by the entire experience. Even the IT guy said to make sure I wash my hands frequently.

Yeah, no kid.

And since my previous monitor was a total beast, I decided I wanted to use the smaller one that went with her station. Um. Ick. And that’s all I’m saying. I cleaned it from top to bottom along with the desk surface of the area. I swear I must have washed my hands a dozen times AND used hand sanitizer – so you know I was thoroughly grossed out if I’m using hand sanitizer (right, Voodoo?).

I can’t imagine being that…unclean (I can’t think of another word for it). Okay, so granted my area was dusty. But that’s it! You won’t find icky crap all over the desk area! (Just a few dust bunnies behind the very large monitor.) And if her cubicle looks like that…I shudder to think what her house looks like…

Anyway… I finally got situated into my new cubicle and I have to say I really like it. Lots more storage space for me and I’m not in a high traffic area anymore. It’s greatness.

In other news, handed out my mini bundt cakes and they were an absolute hit. Woo! I didn’t eat any, but I hear they were to-die-for.

I went by Walgreen’s and got some stocking stuffers for the kiddo. I so want him to have a lovely Christmas this year. May I just say I love the Walgreen company? Sometimes you can really find some great treasures there.

In other news, today I’m going to the Sweetie Boy’s Christmas party at school. And then I get to pick him up on Wednesday and have him through the day after Christmas (with the exception of Christmas Eve where he’ll be with his dad for their Christmas festivities).

I’m looking forward to spending the time with him. I hope he’s not a horrid child this time around. 😉

My chocolate cheesecake has been baked for the big cook-off at the office. Cross your fingers for me! I’m hoping I win something. I mean, how can it NOT? It’s just too sinful of a treat NOT to win. 😉

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll!

By Michelle

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