Take a Book, Leave a Book

Progress Update: No new words but I did hand edit 55 pages of the contemporary; only 20 more to go! And then I have to make all the corrections on the electronic file and THEN it’s ready for submission. Whew. I’m going to make my May 1 deadline!

Yesterday was a long day. I was in a meeting for eight hours. I don’t know why – but it sure makes you tired to do nothing but sit for that long. I have to admit was I getting a bit squirmy toward the end of the day.

Anyway, I cleaned off my bookshelves the other day and ended up with several stacks of books. I decided to take them to work and told my boss about them. I thought it would be cool to have a “take a book, leave a book” basket somewhere in a common area. She loved the idea. So she’s going to bring a basket and I’m going to donate all my books in there. I figure it’s better than taking them to Half Price and getting pennies for them. If I can give someone else some enjoyment from books, all the better. And who knows? I might find some awesome new reads in there.

And, no, I will not be donating my own books. 😉 No one knows I’m published up there. Long story, but basically I’m trying to keep the writing/home life separate from the work life. Makes me wish I’d started writing with a pen name.

I read a couple of agent blogs yesterday that made me feel somewhat better over the rejections. I know they aren’t judging ME as a person or a write, just the work and whether they think they can sell it. Yes, I *knew* all that but when you read it from an agent, it reinforces it again. Perserverance is the name of the game.

The nights have been chilly here lately and the days somewhat cool. I freely admit I’m ready for my 80 degree days and my nice warm nights. But I am NOT ready for the 100 degree days. Not yet please, Mother Nature. I’m having a hard time dealing with the fact there are only two more days left in this month. WHERE has the year gone?

Ah, well. Happy Wednesday!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.