Tardy Blogging

This morning, I took the kiddo to school, then came home and finished getting ready and then went BACK up to school for his “Celebration Assembly.” They graduated from first to second grade. I thought that was cute. They all had cute things to say about what they liked about first grade.

Then it was off to the Department of Public Safety where I waited for an hour to get my license renewed. It’s all done, now, though. I hope the picture doesn’t turn out crappy. hehe

The DPS kinda smelled like B.O. and Lysol. It was kinda gross, actually. Since I didn’t take a book or anything with me, I ended up playing with my phone the entire time while I waited. I discovered I could email Best Good Friend while I waited. Plus I sent her a self portrait of me looking disgusted while I waited. hehe

When I got out of there, I headed immediately to Chick-Fil-A and then the mall. I got some shorts for the kiddo and a couple of shirts and then bought myself some socks (becuase I only like one kind) and found some of those white-rimmed “Hollywood” sunglasses that everyone is wearing now. I was tired of my old Oakleys and wanted a change. They’re cool. I like them. 🙂

Came home to a warm house, the cat, and a bag of cookies. Now I’m off to write until time to pick up the kiddo from school!

By Michelle

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