Tax Refund & Other Stuff

I got my tax refund today! That was super fast.

I’m happy, though, because that means I am one step closing to being debt-free. I paid off my appliances. YAY! They’re mine, all mine. I don’t owe a dime on any of them now. Refrigerator – mine. Dishwasher – mine. Stove – mine. Sweet.

I’m relieved. I’ll really start to see the benefits of this pay off next month when I won’t be getting that bill anymore. Now if I can just get my darn electric bill down… I have a plan, so now I just need to stick to it. I think that’s the hardest part – sticking to your plan of action. But I’m determined to get this crap paid off just as I’m determined to write five books this year.

I managed to get another contest entry read this afternoon. Five down, one to go! I’m determined to get those entries done and off my plate. I need to get back to writing instead of messing around with the contest. I have characters calling and they sure are demanding!

Delilah is still talking to me. She wants to have her day in the limelight. She wants her story written. She’s telling me, too, that she and Sam had a thing when they were very young and very stupid. Now, fifteen years later, they hook up again. Except she’s a savvy businesswoman and he’s in the business of adult toys. Hehe That’s sort of the theme with all these Coffee House books – one of the characters has sort of a shady occupation (Claudia was a phone sex operator in Talk Dirty To Me; Cara was an ex-stripper in Nice Girls Do; and Graeme was a web designer for porn sites in Take Me I’m Yours). There’s just something very fun about these contemporaries and I really like writing them.

And Delilah just won’t shut up. Even though I have the time travel slotted for production at the moment. She’s not giving me a moment’s peace. Which means I’m going to have to jot down a few things about her story… Shh, Delilah! I’m working on it!

I wonder if other writers have that problem. Do you have characters that just won’t leave you alone until you finally say, OKAY! All right already! I’ll get to your story!

She’s been the most demanding yet.

Anyway. I haven’t had much progress on the time travel due to the contest SNAFU of mine and the entries I’m judging. I have to say there was one entry that was just so awesome I can’t understand WHY this writer isn’t published. Especially with all the crap on the shelves. THIS is not crap.

Anyway, It’s time for work. I am ONE day closer to my hockey game and girl’s night out! WOOHOO!

By Michelle

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