Quote of the Day:
Little words never hurt a big idea.
-Howard Newton

For those wondering what shoes I wore with my gray suit yesterday – they were the black suede Franco Sarto Mary Jane’s that I’m totally in love with. You can see them here:

Well…I made it to Friday. It nearly killed me, but I made it. Why was this week so hard? And why do the weeks just seem to be getting harder?

I’m amazed, frankly, this is the last day of March. Where did the month go? Hard to believe it’s time to pay another month’s rent. Time for another new month to begin. At least I’ll still have a place to live for another month. (Kidding)

Looking back over March, I haven’t done much of anything writing-wise. Oh, I guess I finalized the second season of the serial. I’m looking forward to the third season. I know there will be lots more writing to be done for the third season and I like that idea. I’ve finally started working on my WIPs once again. An old one – MAGIC – and two new ones – NGD and the dragon story.

I have the launch of Inara Press to look forward to and the release of season one of the serial (excitement!). My monthly newsletter has suddenly become weekly while Ransom & Fortune get underway. I’ll be posting more information about the launch on Monday – the official launch date.

Took the baby to Applebee’s last night and we had a great waitress. I went for something totally different and had one of their wraps (they call them a rollup). It was surprisingly good. I was shocked! While we were eating, Sweetie Boy decided he wanted to watch Lady and the Tramp again. Again! So we did. He loves the Siamese cats when they’re bad – he thinks they’re hysterical. He told the waitress all about them, too.

I’m picking him up tonight and we have a busy weekend planned. I’m looking forward to it.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.