TGIF and other stuff

The last few days have been…interesting. The Man popped over at the house after the NHL All-Star game. I mean, he text messaged me first (can I just pause here and say I freaking LOVE text messaging? I mean…I LUUUUURVE it. It’s the most awesome invention known to man…anyway…) and asked me if I was still up. I replied I was. He asks if he can come by. Thinking he was kidding, I say yes.

Imagine my surprise when he showed up on my doorstep a few hours later.

He said he was there for a hug and kiss and then he was leaving.

Yeah, okay, whatever.

He left shortly after 2 am.

And we talked the entire time he drove home. Wanted to make sure he got there in one piece. It was 3 am before I finally went back to sleep. And even though I was running on lack of sleep and caffeine, I never really felt the urge to fall asleep at my desk yesterday like I expected. A tremendously good thing.

It’s always a shocker to me to see him in street clothes since it’s so rare. Jeans, a Dallas Stars sweatshirt, running shoes…and he smelled awfully nice.

And Devon, you’re absolutely right. It doesn’t have to mean a picket fence future. It’s funny, I was thinking that too. Ten years ago, I would have projected this HUGE fantasy – marriage, kids, white picket fence, house with two car garage, dog, cat, whatever. Today, all I really want out of a man is a committed long-term relationship. I want to maintain my independence and I know The Man respects that. I still want those things – house, family, kids – but on different terms.

Still…it scared me for various other reasons.

Anyway…exhaustion hit me hard last night. I slept like the dead but I’m still tired this morning. I’m looking forward to sleeping in this weekend and getting a lot of work done on the book. I AM going to write on it, if it kills me. Of course, there is contest stuff that will have to be done, but I’m going to get my writing time in.

Oh and if you’re wondering where all the smilies went – they’re still there. I upgraded WordPress and I always have to redo the file to get them to show up. I’m going to try to get that done this weekend. I hope.

I need coffee. Much coffee.

By Michelle

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