Quote du Jour:
“The word I’m searching for, I can’t say, because there’s preschool toys present.”
–Woody, Toy Story

Yesterday I woke up and thought it was Friday. Imagine my disappointment when I realized it was still just Thursday. :censored:

I guess I had it in my head it was Friday because (a) I went to Starbucks and that’s my usual Friday jaunt and (b) I had to go to the airport to pick up my husband and that’s another usual Friday jaunt.

Yesterday was also a day full of weirdness. One of the senior people at work felt ill and instead of going home (because said person just felt too bad to go home…what.ever.), draped over the couch in the break room. Where people eat. Right at lunchtime. I’m sorry, but that is just :censored: up to me. Finally, someone came and picked up said person but I’m thinking… PUH-LEAZE the entire time. 🙄

I hate Corporate America. I’m looking forward to the day when I can stick my finger in the air and blow this joint. I’m ready to quit working and be home. I’m ready to take my little boy to school and pack lunches, be a homeroom mom, make brownies and Kool-Aid. And write during the day while he’s gone.

*sigh* It will probably never happen.

In other news, the moment we got home last night, DH turned on the TV to CNN. Now, I have nothing against CNN. Really. I don’t. But we had just walked in the door, we were sitting down to eat, and they start showing really gruesome pictures of the convention center in New Orleans. (a) I don’t want to see that kind of stuff, ESPECIALLY while I’m trying to eat dinner and (b) my 4-yr-old certainly doesn’t need to see that. So I turned the channel and he got pissed at me. Oh :censored: well. Which resulted in me stalking off after finishing a delectable meal of McDonald’s. (Hooray) And then he got pissed about that! GRR

I have a lot of opinions on the disaster in New Orleans. I wrote a very long tirade here, but deleted it. No one really wants to read my opinions. Trust me.

The cushions we ordered for our couches finally arrived yesterday and the day before. Very exciting. However, the company who made the new covers, didn’t put them on the new cushions. (We have Cargo furniture, which they don’t make anymore except for kids’ bedrooms.) So anyway.. getting the cushions inside the covers was a task. And then one of the seams split on one of the covers. Great.

So my husband decides we need to sew it up before we start using it. I can’t disagree with that. But since I was feeling rather surly (and still am), I had no interest in sewing anything last night. Found my sewing machine, but the foot pedal and power cord seem to be missing in action. Have no idea where it is. So, this weekend, I will have to go on a quest for the friggin foot pedal/power supply.

And here’s the question of the day. Why the bloody hell do we have every box of every computer part we ever bought? WHY? Do we need this stuff? Is there a reason? I mean, if there’s a valid reason, okay. But when it’s parts for stuff to a computer we don’t even OWN anymore, I think it’s time to Spring Clean.

Surly. That’s a good word for me today.

On to writing… I wrote chapter 14 of the contemporary yesterday. So, a few more words there for that one. Also tinkered with the fantasy, making some edits on a new chapter 5. But it just doesn’t seem to be working for me, so I may ditch it for now. I feel like I need to continue the story with my hero and heroine, instead of stopping action to shift to a new scene introducing new characters.

Here’s your Shakespearean insult of the day: Thou lumpish dread-bolted canker-blossom!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.