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Quote du Jour:
It is rarely that you see an American writer who is not hopelessly sane.
–Margaret Anderson

The weekend has come and gone. And none too soon. Friday found my mood quickly spiraling downward from cheerful to downright bitchy. I was completely foul by the time I got to the airport that night to pick up Husband and he wasn’t too happy about THAT let me tell you.

Of course it didn’t help that he called me around 12:30 that day wanting to know how early I could get off work if he took an earlier flight. DUDE, I’m an hourly employee these days I can’t just leave on a whim. It ticked me off. And that’s what sort of set the tone for the remainder of the day.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I had PMS. A severe case as it was. But, hey, I’m entitled, aren’t I? Every now and then? Of course Husband expects a cheerful disposition 24/7 and that just AIN’T going to happen. You’d think he would have learned that after over seven years of marriage. Is it fair that he’s the only one in the family that gets to have an emotion? Hell no. Maybe I want to pout, cry, and just be bitchy. Maybe he should stop being so annoying. As we were leaving the airport he asked me if I had taken my Midol. :talktohand: What I WANTED to say was, “Have you felt my fist in your eye yet?” But I refrained. I bit my tongue instead and just glared at him. 👿

Saturday found me in not much better spirits. Depression set in hard and heavy about different things. The non-writing thing is a big thing for me right now. I just can’t make myself do it because I’ve not been in the right frame of mind. And I’m forcing the issue. Never force it or the words will NEVER EVER come. I’m living proof of that right now. I’ve just got to suck it up and move on. This is getting really stupid. Ran some errands on Saturday, got home and he settled in to watch the NASCAR race. I managed to take a quick nap. It didn’t do much for my disposition but it helped. I went shopping! Just to Target to get a birthday card for my friend whose birthday is at the end of the month. Must get that in the mail today. Then I sat and looked at pretty shoes the rest of the afternoon online. I want a pair of Manolo’s but HELL I’ll never afford it (Live in the now!).

I did manage to write a whole paragraph on the WIP Saturday night. After a long hot bubble bath. I was relaxed and feeling pretty good. Afterward, I got out my favorite book of all time and started to read it again – Patricia A. McKillip’s Alphabet of Thorn. I’m into chapter three now and I just adore this book. I love the way she weaves the story with a twist I never expected the first time I read it. Now, reading it again, I’m catching things at the beginning I didn’t catch before and it’s just great. Love it.

Moving on. Sunday we drove to downtown Fort Worth and I took some pictures of the Bass Performance Hall, the Stock Yards, and the old courthouse for the 13 Traveling Journals project. I’ve got Fronds of Thought right now and I wanted to add a little bit of Texas flavor to the book. The pictures came out great. I’ll be sending them to Devon for her to post in the blog and also a snippet of an entry I did. I’ll post the link when it’s up.

Of course, Husband being the way he is, managed to take the camera away from me and took most of the pictures. When I complained about this later he managed to tell me I was a “wet blanket”. I wanted to call him a “controlling bastard”. At least, that’s what I WANTED to say. I kept that one to myself too. Didn’t think he’d appreciate it much. Seeing as how he was right pissy with my bitchy attitude. :crazy:

And here’s a tip. Never EVER go to Lowe’s/Home Depot with your husband and 4-yr-old son. Here’s why. The first trip to Home Depot went something like this. We walk in the door, there are people following us in, Husband stops right in the entryway so no one can’t get around us. So I give him a little nudge. He then shouts loud enough for God and everybody to hear, “Why did you shove me?” As he heads off through the store, I respond with (equally loud), “You’re such an asshole.” (that was Saturday by the way)

The second trip (Sunday) – and why I agreed to go is beyond me; I guess I’m a glutton for punishment – went something like this. Husband walks up and down the tool aisle no less than 203498 times looking for a little tiny something-or-other while Son touches everything – and I do mean EVERHTHING – in sight. About drove me batty. At one point, I stopped in one aisle and just stood there while Husband stared up at the walls and Son touched Every Measuring Tape Known To Man. Son looks up at me and says, “Mom, why are you standing down there?”

Because I need away from all the testosterone. That’s why.

Yes. It was a lovely weekend.

(There was one high point. That was when I heated up my Warm Delights Carmel and Chocolate cake and ate the entire thing all by myself while watching Desperate Housewives. THAT was bliss.)

So, needless to say, I think I’m pretty happy to be at work. If only to be away from the boys for the next eight hours. Perhaps it will give me the attitude adjustment I need.

By Michelle

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