The Accolade and God Speed


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I’ve been at my current Day Job for a little over two years. Since I started, I left all the décor on the walls and hadn’t really personalized my office much. What can I say? I’ve been burned enough to know that sometimes you just don’t get settled.

But things are going well and the boss seems to really like me so I figured I’m as good as there until I die. Works for me.


I finally brought something for the walls. I chose my posters “The Accolade” and “God Speed” both by Edmund Blair Leighton to hang on the wall over my desk. It makes me happy when I look up and see the knight and the lady. I’ve had some people come by and comment on them.

So the following week, I got a little bold and decided Aragorn (movie poster from Return of the King) needed to go to work with me too. I mean, he’s just sitting in the closet doing nothing. And since I have no place to hang him up at home, why not? I spent hours obsessing over the frame and making sure it looked good. I didn’t want to poke holes in the wall so I got some of those command strips with a hook thinking that would work just fine.


I prepped the wall and measured and everything. I hung up the poster. The frame is big – 27×40. It lasted all of ten minutes before it crashed to the floor. It landed on a corner, so it busted the plexiglass. I was so sad.

At least the poster wasn’t damaged.

I am not to be defeated though. I ordered a new poster frame from Amazon and had it shipped to the office. Aragorn will happily reside on my wall. I swear it will be done.

By Michelle

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