The Bad Date Syndrome

I couldn’t face cooking last night so I ended up at McDonald’s with the kiddo. I had the Ranch BLT grilled chicken sandwich and I have to say it was pretty darn good.

Afterwards, we played Trouble. It was so much fun. And then we watched cartoons. 🙂

Been trying to hook up with My Guy but it’s been a horrible week for that. And next week he’ll be gone all week. :hissyfit:

Got the edits done on Nice Girls Do and am pitching to my editor at Samhain. We’ll see how that goes. Keeping fingers crossed.

Got the invitations out for my housewarming party! YAY!

Talked to a handy man that is going to come and clean out my dryer vent. Hope he doesn’t charge an arm and a leg but he sounds like a super nice guy and he was referred by Realtor Extraordinaire so he can’t be all that bad. Can he? 😉

Getting foundation repaired on the 2nd. YES!

And now all I need is a new toilet tank! Oh and I’ve decided I want the light fixture in the office switched with the fan/light in the baby’s room because (a) he has the bunk beds now and he likes to mess with the fan when he’s on the top bunk and (b) I really need a fan in the office.

Okay I was talking with my coworker the other day and she was telling me about her recent bad date – and a string of them in the past – and it gave me an idea for a book.

I want all your bad dates! Or even your most humorous dates. Email me your story because this is research for my future romantic comedy THE BAD DATE SYNDROME.

In the meantime, I’m editing Nice Girls Do and working on Take Me I’m Yours. It’s a slow process. Mostly because I’m not sure what my plot for TMIY is yet. So far I have a fake engagement and that’s SOOOOO cliché so I really need something more. It’s time to play the What-If game. You know that game? Most writers play it. What if she does this? What if she’s that? What if he does this and then that? What if they break up? What if they don’t get together? What if What if What if?

Anyhoo… very happy I’ve wrapped up NGD. Anyone wanna give me a plot for Take Me I’m Yours?


By Michelle

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