The Closet Debacle

Movie Quote of the Day:
Steven Hiller: I ain’t heard no fat lady!
David Levinson: Forget the fat lady. You’re obsessed with the fat lady. Just get us out of here!
–Independence Day

Well… yesterday was nearly a total waste. Nearly. After completely emptying my closet, and hubby moving his clothes to mine, I realized with some horror that not everything was going to fit in his closet. That meant (a) give up a large amount of clothing or (b) move back. Luckily, hubby thought it was rather humorous I didn’t realize just how small his closet really is. He moved back, giggling at me the entire time.

Okay, so it’s not my fault I can’t judge space issues. HEY, his closet is square and gives the illusion that it’s bigger and it’s a walk-in. My closet is long and narrow and it’s not a true walk-in. Ah well.

I did get rid of some shoes that were worn out and some I never wore. I got rid of some clothes I’ve never worn. I had clothes with the tags still on them. How sad is that? I didn’t realize just how much clothing I own until I had it all on the bed in big huge mounds. I had about 40 black purses – why? Why do I need so many black purses? Ridiculous. I got rid of a some of those I no longer wanted. I had about six belts – never wear ’em. Why do I have them? Gone.

Once I got everything back, I organized the order of my clothes – blouses on one side, short sleeved shirts, then long sleeved shirts. All the winter-wear is at the back of the closet since it will be September or October before I’ll need any of that. Pants, then dresses, then suits on the other side. I organized the bottom of the closet. There are no longer shoes all over the bottom of the closet. They are all put in their proper place in their boxes.

And I was completely worn out after all that.

So no writing to speak of, but I will get some done this week since DH left for DC this morning.

By Michelle

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