The Coffee Wars – New Cover!

The Coffee WarsI’m so excited to present my new cover! This is for my novella, The Coffee Wars with a release date to be announced. I’m guessing it’ll be around Christmastime, though, since it was for the Christmas line. I think my favorite part of the cover is the heart shaped steam. So cute!

Had a good weekend. Friday night we didn’t do much of anything except have BBQ and visit Barnes & Noble. We always spend way too much time and money in there. Man only spent $10 but I, however, spent $45. In my defense, $15 of that was a gift card. The rest was books. 🙂 I got two new ones. Sohpie Jordan’s Firelight(which is a YA and EXCELLENT so far) and Patricia A. McKillip’s The Bell at Sealey Head which is a fantasy. I always enjoy her work, so I’m looking forward to reading that one.

On Saturday, it was my chapter’s day-long retreat with the fabulous Colleen Thompson. She did two workshops for us: one on notching up the tension and the other on engaging from the very first page. It gave me some good ideas for the time travel WIP I’ve got going on and I know I need to go back and layer more into both the hero and the heroine. I’m looking forward to getting down to business with it this week. Finally I feel like the story is coming together for that one. (I should really learn to plot. I would save me a lot of grief.)

I’ve also signed up for a Goal, Motivation and Conflict workshop started in a week or so. I *will* participate in this one. I’m notorious for signing up for workshops and then getting too busy to participate. But this one, I really want to try and take and learn from.

Sunday was about running numerous errands. Most of them were pretty fun. We got the grocery shopping done and out of the way early and then we went to Target, Lowe’s and Michael’s. Since I’ve started cross-stitching again, I’ve been making a weekly visit to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby for supplies. And gadgets. Man bought me new gold-handled scissors and a small metal case for my hobby. I love them. Plus I bought some new plastic bobbins for the floss and several colors of floss I needed. I’m working on my second kitty picture and the kitty in this one is really hard. Lots of quarter and three-quarter stitches. Then I made a lovely dinner of lemon-mustard chicken and black-eyed peas and we finished laundry and watched football. (Yes, the Cowboys lost again as did the Rangers. However, the Stars won! It was a sports-fest in my house this weekend.)

In other news… I have these cashback rewards from DiscoverCard. I can can cash them in for gift cards or merchandise. As I perused the site the other day, I found something I really wanted – a Flip! So I cashed them in and got free shipping and a free Flip and it’s on it’s way! I’m excited and we’re going to take it on the trip with us (which is in 61 days). I can’t wait to get my new toy! I’m like an electronics junkie. I love this stuff. Cameras, laptops, computers, thumdrives, gadgets. Love them all.

Anyway… Today it’s back to work with a busy week ahead. The days go so fast it’s hard to keep up and they start to blur together. The Man has to go out of town this week for work so it’ll be just me and the kid for most of the week. Hopefully I can make use of the time and get lots of writing done.

By Michelle

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