The Days of Yore

Remember when? In the “olden” days when there was no internet or satellite TV… when it poured down rain, you couldn’t check the radar and see which way it was headed. Instead, you had to sit and “wait it out” to see if it would let up. When the world wasn’t so tainted by horrifying news listing off murders, robbers, child predators, and other unsavory persons.

When there were no terrorists or wars and elections were won by landslides instead of a hanging chad. When people weren’t trying to steal your identity and getting a mortgage meant something monumental to a new family instead of more money for the greedy banker.

When video games didn’t make your children into mindless zombies and the only entertainment around was a good PG movie. When going to the movies was an afternoon event with your best friend. When roller skating was cool and doing the Hokey Pokey on four wheels took talent. When you actually had to use a real phone book to find a number instead of using Google (and isn’t it funny the world’s most known search engine means “to stare with wide eyes”?).

When playing Spin The Bottle at birthday parties was scandalous. When high school halls didn’t have 16 year old girls walking around pregnant and the closest thing you got to sex was reading your mom’s romance books. When divorce was uncommon and life-long marriages was the norm.

When life was slower, simpler and we were just a bit ignorant.

Are the worries the same for parents today as they were 30 years ago? Or are they just…different? I guess I’m feeling a bit of nostalgia today. I’m wishing things were easier, simpler. I’m wishing I hadn’t made some of the choices I made. I’m wishing I’d not rushed to get married just because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do.

What are you nostalgic about? What do you long for? And what do you wish you could change, if anything, about your life?

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.