The Dress

Happy Memorial Day! To those of us in the States, it’s the official start of Summer, BBQs and here in Texas, the heat of Hades. 😀

So now that I have a wedding to plan for, I’ve put into motion some of the necessary things involved in having a wedding. You know, like getting a place. Which we have! YAY! And it’s a gorgeous little chapel, too. I love it. I can’t wait. It’s so…us. And, it’s also non-profit so all the money that we pay to get the chapel goes right back into a children’s home. Which we LOVE! I mean, if I’m going to hand over a small chunk of money, I’d like to know that it goes to something useful. So it tickles me pink to know that the money is going to something very worthwhile.

Anyway. So we have the place. I also hired a string quartet. Can I just GUSH that I’m super duper excited about that, too? After much debate over which string quartet, we found one we’re very happy with. And the sent a free wedding rehearsal CD. So I can check ceremony music off the list.

But of course the absolute MOST important part is…the dress. Next door to the frame shop we used during our wall art program for work is this little boutique. I decided to check it out and see what sort of dresses they had. I hadn’t intended to buy one yet. I had only intended to get some ideas on pricing and what-not. Well the gal in there was super helpful and she showed me several that were my size. She asked if wanted to try them on. I couldn’t refuse. I just had to see if they’d even fit.

Lo and behold… I found the aboslute PERFECT dress for my December wedding. It’s perfect. It’s stunning. It makes me feel like a princess. AND it fits perfectly. I’m going to take it back to have the train bustled for the reception but other than that, it needs to more alterations (I have GOT to get to the gym now to make sure I don’t balloon up over the next six months).

So here’s the dress:

Of course this picture doesn’t do it ANY justice. It’s a lovely pewter color. I wasn’t crazy about the strapless but you know, I can so totally deal with that because it was perfect. Oh and did I mention 30 percent off? Yeah, I got it for a steal. It’s now hanging in a dress bag in my closet. Waiting quietly for the Big Day.

I can’t wait.

By Michelle

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