The End!

Quote du Jour:
“This is the end. My only friend, the end.”
–Jim Morrison

Well, I did it! I finished the romance serial, Scars of Yesterday, with 135 issues. That’s just over a year’s worth of subscriptions. Whew! 😀

I got to work early yesterday morning writing the last three issues. I kept telling myself in my head, “It’s only three issues, you dolt.” (Or maybe that was the muse talking…) Anyway, I wrote them in about three hours with various interruptions. Got them finished and it was so wonderful to type “THE END” at the bottom of issue 135.

I have a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with that. I’m relieved and I’m happy. I did a little jig the moment I finished. I let them rest for about four hours before going back and reading them again. They have been sent to the editor. They are gone. I no long have to struggle to maintain two serials anymore.

At the same time, I feel a sense of sadness. I’ve spent so much time with these characters it will be hard to let them go. But it was time for the story to end. I’ve printed all 135 issues along the way and put them into a three-inch three-ring binder. It’s full.

So what’s next? Eventually, I think I’d like to see if I can rewrite the stories into three stand alone novellas – one for each sister. I’d like to up the sensuality of the romance and see if I can sell it to Liquid Silver Books as a trilogy. It’s basically written, I just need to get it edited. Hard Part I – creating – is done. Now it’s time for Hard Part II – the editing. But I think I’ll let it rest a while. Maybe collect some dust.

Besides, I’ve got other things brewing. I’m looking to wrap up the adventure serial quite soon. I have the ending already written (there’s that Scener thing popping up again). I just need to work towards that and figure out how many more issues I’m going to have. I’m currently at 113. I’d like to end it at around 117, but I think 126 is more realistic. That’s 14 more issues. I think I can do it. I’m sure I can come up with more story, stretch it out a bit.

Plus, I have the medieval I’m still working on. Did not write on that yesterday as I allowed the serial to take up most of my time. I also did the Round Robin Interview questions for the article I’m working on with some colleagues. Got them all answered and sent off to the next person in line. Woo! It was fun and the questions really made me think.

Next on the agenda – plot out book two of the High Magic trilogy. Plot out book one of the Dragon Magic trilogy. Finish the synopsis for the medieval and start thinking about another historical after that one. I’m thinking of perhaps something along the lines of Shakespearean times. I had this idea for “Love in Three Acts” and instead of doing contemporary, I’m thinking I’d like to set it in an historical setting with the theater of Shakespeare. Just an idea. Still thinking on it and seeing if I can make it work.

I’m also working on a new monthly feature for the chapter newsletter. I need to come up with some questions for the published authors so I can do a “Spotlight On” kind of thing. (Note to self: look for really cool spotlight graphic.) Then I’d also like to do a “Getting to know you” type thing for the non-published authors (pre-published?).

And I STILL need to send out those five submission packages this week.

So lots of irons in the fire! Lots to do and lots to get done. 🙂

On the kid front – thanks for all the ideas for getting rid of “little man”. (I kind of liken it to gnomes, too, Dev. LOL) DS did mention him again last night, but not in the same frightening sense as he did the night before. I guess he’s been banished from the house for whatever reason. Still no sign of the cup. Have no idea where it is. I’m starting to wonder if it will turn up at all.

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