The Great Beat Down

I’m so beaten down I can’t even begin to tell you and it’s all from this television/internet/telephone business.

It started Thursday night and continued Friday night. It seems I have static on the line and so I used my powers of deduction to figure out that’s what was messing with my new televsion/internet stuff. So I called the repair line and there is a problem but the tech can’t get here until Sunday between 8 and 8. How convinient for me. Thanks effers. I told the guy I had a prior commitment and and had to leave the house at 4. In the meantime, I called technical support for the other junk and asked if the static on the line would matter.

Now. When I ordered this stuff, they said it wouldn’t matter if I had a phone line or not. So imagine my surprise (insert sarcasm here) when I discovered that what happens with the phone line DOES matter. Well, isn’t that grand? This tech support dude apparently had more of a brain than the others I’d talked to.

That better be the last night I have to call those effers. I’ve run out of patience and I’m sick of it. One more time, and I’m pulling the plug. Nothing is worth this much headache. NOTHING.

Hence the reason for the great beat down. I swear on Ronnie James Dio, this is SO NOT worth it.

In other happier news…I have my baby boy with me. We’re going to do some light shopping this weekend and go to church on Sunday. They’re having great stuff after the 5 pm service – bounce houses and hot dogs. WOOHOO! You think they’ll let me get in the bounce house? haha

By Michelle

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