The Great Splinter Debacle of 2005

Quote du Jour:
“The secret of all good writing is sound judgment.”
–Horace, Italian Poet

First off – Marie – yes, I got sunburned in November! Can you believe it? It’s been in the mid-80s here for the last few days. This weather stinks and I’m ready for it to be COLD. Not Canada Cold, mind you, just Texas Cold. 😉

Allergies are better today. I actually feel human again. Fell asleep EARLY. OH and the Stars won! HOORAY! They got a new guy too – Nathan Perrott. Preliminary investigation points to the possibility that he is hot.

My son came home yesterday with a splinter in his hand. Not a bad one. Just a small one right under the skin in his palm. We tried to talk him into letting us take it out, but to no avail. And when I say to no avail… here’s what I mean.

The kid screamed bloody murder for like thirty minutes. You would have thought we were beating the child. We tried forcing the issue, talking to him, coaxing, bribes, threats, rewards, treats, everything. Nothing worked. I even tried to get him to let me pull it out with my fingernails instead of any other device (needle, tweezers, whatever). Still he screamed, kicked, cried, all of the above.

We gave up. But him to bed. Hopefully it will work itself out and all will be well. I’m just worried it will end up getting infected.

In other news…
I wrote this little poem and submitted it to Circadian, Devon’s site (friend and colleague). She accepted it and it will be published in December. My other poem, the very dark and scary one, will be out on Monday. I’ll post that link when it’s up. I couldn’t write any fiction yesterday, so I suppose that’s why I turned to poetry.

So that makes two poems I’ve written in my life – both of which will be published with Circadian! How about that?

My friend sent me a great list of epublishers yesterday but I didn’t have a chance to really get into it. Hopefully I will be able to do that tonight. I’m also catching up on my magazine reading. I went through the recent edition of my RWR last night and I’m already thinking about some contests I could enter MAGIC in. The revised MAGIC that is. Which I really should get going back on and finish the rewrite. How hard is it to do the rewrite? Ninety percent of it is already done… I just gotta make myself do it.

And don’t forget about The Scruffy Dog Review. We are still looking for submissions for our launching issue in January 2006. Check out the link to the right under “the dog” for more information and submission guidelines. (Or just click the links provided here.) I’ll be doing a blog article this Friday on the Dog Blog. 😆

By Michelle

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