The Ice Cometh

I left the office yesterday at around 2 pm. The roads weren’t bad yet – they were just wet from the rain. But I would rather be safe than sorry. I got home, changed clothes, and then headed to Lowe’s for firewood. The store was nearly deserted.

Man came to camp out with me and the cat. The sleet/mix started at around 6 pm. We had a nice evening. Fire in the fireplace and I cooked tilapia and rice for dinner which was delish. And healthy! I’m trying to be healthier.

They’re predicting up to about a .25 inch accumulation. The low is 22 degrees. That should make for a lovely commute in the morning. Which I’m not doing. I’m keeping my butt parked in the house until it warms. Supposed to be sunny and 41 degrees tomorrow. I will be home, waiting for it to thaw out before I make an attempt to get to the office. I brought home my work computer, so I can get some work done here.

In other news… I got the cover art for TAKE ME I’M YOURS and it is HOT. Smoking hot. As soon as I get the final from the artist, I will post it. I seriously broke into a hot sweat when I saw it. It’s a bit different than the other two contemporaries, but it’s mostly Graeme’s story so… I was happy with the result.

I also registered for RWA Nationals in DC this year. First year. It’s in July. I’ll be attending the President’s retreat, which is the day before the actual conference starts. And probably attending the literacy signing and signing books. I guess I better get some promotional items together.

Anyway… I’m staying in while the weather rears its ugly head.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.