The L-Word

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What is it about that word that can strike fear into the hearts of men – and some women? Especially when it’s unexpected.

Monday was just a weird EFFING day. I’ll just put it that way. It began like any other normal Monday and ended up totally spinning out of control. By the end of the day, I was completely beside myself – had an…altercation with one friend (all is well now), the cat broke one of my beloved shoes, and The Man threw me for a loop.

Yes. With the L-word.

I think it was completely unintentional and he never quite got the entire word out. But I remember saying, quite bluntly, “YOU WHAT?”

“Sorry, I almost dropped an L-bomb.”

“What the hell does that mean?” I ask.

“You know. The L-bomb,” he says.

OH yeah. I know it. Boy do I ever! “But, wait a second here, what exactly are you saying?”

“You’re smart enought to figure it out,” he says.

Uh huh. And that’s what scares me. I’m not exactly sure I was pleased to hear it. (Or almost hear it.) Nor can I say I was displeased either. I was just…stunned. Not horrified. Just stunned. And bewildered. And my first thought was there’s no effing way. NO WAY!

And so I was relaying the story to a very good friend – via email – and she had the same reaction. But then, in her wisdom, she said, “Out of all the women he sees coming and going in that restaurant, he picked you. I think that’s pretty special.”

I’m not exactly sure what I think about that. Some women wait their entire lives to hear that word from the man they adore. Some hear it daily. Others have heard it from a man they were crazy about, only to have their romance crumble. I’ve said it. I’ve heard it. I’ve felt it. But almost hearing it made me stop and question everything about it. Is he serious? Seriously? And if he is…then what?

I think I should be afraid. Very afraid.

By Michelle

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