The Little Man

Quote du Jour:
“Forget the fat lady. You’re obsessed with the fat lady.”
–David, Independence Day

Kids are funny. They come up with some of the wackiest crap. My son, who his nearly 4, decided he was scared of a “little man.”

When we got up Monday morning, he told me about a little man that was standing outside his bedroom door and looking at him. As someone with an overactive imagination herself, my first thought was, “Um, okay” and the second was, “I’m totally freaked out by this.”

I asked him about it and he insisted there was a little man standing there in the shadows watching him. I guess that’s why he came and climbed in bed with us at around 4 yesterday morning.

After getting home, getting dinner, etc., he started up with the little man business again. He had headed upstairs to play in his room when he came running back telling me and DH he couldn’t go up there because the little man was there. Hm. So we assured him there was no one up there and went to find this little man. After Daddy Monster scoured the area and the all clear was signaled, we figured everything would be hunky-dory. We discovered the “little man” in question was a small stuffed Spiderman (who has now been banished to the closet…poor guy).

He was still talking about it at bathtime. I told him not to mention the little man again. 🙄 So we ignore it, I dry his hair and he tells me he’s really scared and doesn’t want to go to bed. I assure him once again no one is upstairs but me and/or Daddy and all is well. And I told him we would keep him safe, that there were no little men and none could get in the house.

But you know… the writer in me is sitting here thinking up all sorts of horror stories that could go along with the little man concept. So much so that it freaks me out and I have to stop thinking about it. HAHA 😈

Hopefully that’s the last we’ll hear about the little man for a while.

In other kid-news…it seems he has misplaced one of his best cups. It’s somewhere in the house half filled with apple juice. And I can’t find it anywhere. I know he had it at one point on Sunday but then it disappeared and we haven’t found it since. Which is bad. Especially if it has apple juice in it. I’ve looked in all the usual places he hides stuff and so far it’s nowhere to be found. Beginning to wonder if he threw it away or something like that. I even looked outside.

Maybe it will turn up. With moldy apple juice. Hooray. 😐

Got about 2000 words yesterday on the WIP. Didn’t write one single solitary word on the serials. Hm. Don’t care! LOL

I’m participating in a Round Robin Interview with several other writers. Haven’t received the questions yet, but I’m very much looking forward to getting them and doing the article. It should be good.

As far as my GDR… well… I should revisit that I suppose. 😀 At least I’m accomplishing my goals every month that I’m setting and that’s important to me.

By Michelle

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