The Lost Weekend

Hey, all! I’m over at Pop Culture Divas today talking about Life and Star Wars. Check it out by clicking here.

I had so much planned for this weekend and it all went KAPLOOEY. Friday night, The Sickness hit me hard and I went down. And a few hours later, the kiddo was sick again. So we were up most of the night. Which meant we were recovering most of the day Saturday.

I had planned to take the kiddo to the movies but that obviously didn’t happen. Instead, we were moving slowly all day and barely eating. Man was nice enough to go to the store for me and pick up lots of cleaning supplies for me.

I tried hard to stay up for the Olympics and see Apolo Ohno but couldn’t do it. I went to bed at 9:30. Poor Man got hit with The Sickness that night.

But by Sunday morning, I felt back to normal. I started cleaning the first bathroom from top to bottom. Washed dishes, washed clothes, vacuumed, cleaned the second bathroom. washed coats. I seriously didn’t want this virus hanging around anymore.

I did, however, learn why Apolo Ohno yawns before he races. Fascinating.

So Sunday was another lost day. It was Cleaning and Sterilization Day. I don’t think the house has ever been this clean. 😀

I did write some.Finished a synopsis for my scifi and entered a contest. Doubt I’ll final but I got a plea for more entries to fill the category and figured what the heck.

Cooked dinner and POOF the weekend was gone. Didn’t get to the movies. Didn’t get to the Farmers Market of Lowe’s or any of the things I needed and wanted to do.

Oh well. Guess it was a sign I needed to slow down. 😉 I have some contest entries to finish judging/reading this week. Guess I’ll get to it.

Happy Monday, all.

By Michelle

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