The Outrage Continues…

After being upset about the whole ticket thing – and talking to a few other people – I decided to call the city and complain about the rude behavior of the collection place. I called City Hall and was curious to find that they don’t do the camera tickets. Turns out the camera tickets are outsourced by the city to someone else. She gave me the number so I called.

The man on the phone was arrogant. Of course. He told me they had receive numerous complaints about their collection agency. And, as it turns out again, the ticket doesn’t go on my driving record nor does it get reported to my insurance company because – and get this – they can’t prove who was driving. Only that the car registered to me ran a red light. When I told him I didn’t receive the first notice, he spouted off my old address.

Now, when I moved into my house in September 2006, I immediately changed my license and registration information. The “incident” occurred in October 2007. There is NO excuse for that. He said they weren’t responsible for tracking down the correct address of the owner – that was the collection agency’s job.

I was outraged. I told him that I was, quite frankly, pissed about that. Because there was no excuse. They should use some sort of delivery confirmation service to make sure the registered owner gets the notice to begine with.

But it brought up other questions, too. If it doesn’t go on my driving record and the local police department and city hall doesn’t care, then where does that $100 go? What are they doing with that money? Does it go back into the city? Or does it go to pay that jackass’s salary? I’m betting the latter.

I told the guy on the phone I intended to file a complaint against THEM and THEIR collection agency with the city. I’m writing letters to the mayor and the chief of police and then I’m filing a complaint with the BBB. This collection agency basically threatened me with a warrant and told me that it would “have to go through the court” before it “cleared my record” which was clearly bullshit.

So, yeah. I’m pretty ticked off. And I’m not going to let this go because I don’t want the same thing to happen to the next woman in line.

Anyway. I have a funeral to go to this afternoon so my day is going to be driving around like a mad-woman. It’s in McKinney which is north of Dallas (I’m in Fort Worth) but first I’m going to meet up with my mom and brother – which is in Mesquite (about an hour east of me). So. I get to drive an hour east then an hour north then probably another 1-2 hours back home to get the kiddo for soccer practice (if it happens – it might rain).

I took the kiddo to the book fair last night and he talked me into $20 worth of books. It’s hard to say no to that, though, because I’m such a fan of books myself. Plus I got to meet the librarian who was super nice. And I saw one of the kiddo’s classmates and her mom there, too, so it’s always nice to say hello and what-not. He picked the Indiana Jones 3-pack of books and a Magic Tree House set with a research guide.  

Last night was interesting – we had A LOT of homework. I’ve been working on the frog project and we got most of it done. Tonight and tomorrow I’m going to get the big piece done. He’s having a hard time concentrating at school and on homework, so I finally turned the TV off and sat with him. Then we went to get gas (because I don’t want to be on E when I have to start my journey today) and then got home, got him ready for bed, and then we read. He wanted to start with Raiders of the Lost Ark and I found myself editing out stuff as I read. You know, the dead body on the spikes when they go into the cave to get the idol. He’s 6 1/2, I don’t think he needs to know about that. hehe

Okay that’s it for me. I gotta finish getting ready and make sure he’s eaten all his breakfast. Happy Wednesday ya’ll!

By Michelle

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