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During my lunch hour today, I went on a quest to find the perfect yellow shoes. I quickly discovered there isn’t a pair to be had in the entire city.

My first stop was DSW and I was disappointed they didn’t have anything resembling the color yellow. Next I ventured to JCPenney. Of course, the pair I liked on their website was not in the store. Why do they do that? To get me in the store? All it does is make me not want to buy anything. Anyway… that was yesterday. Today, I ventured over to Famous Footwear and Foley’s and was disgruntled to find nary a yellow shoe.

So on the way home this evening I stopped in at Nordstrom’s. They actually had several different styles and shades. But of course not the shade I’m looking for. I don’t want lemon yellow or chartreuse (which seems to be the fad these days – who would have thought chartreuse would be popular!). I want corn yellow. Maize. That’s the color of my dress and that’s the color I want, dammit, to match my dress. Apparently, it doesn’t exist.

I tried on a pair that I thought might match and decided to head over to Dillard’s to see what they had. The nice salesman at Nordstrom’s held the pair I liked for me. Dillard’s ticked me off. I wandered their entire shoe section for a good ten minutes and not one salesperson came up to ask me if I needed anything. 😐 The losers. And here I was ready to whip out the pocket book to spend upwards of $70 on a pair and not one could be bothered. Instead they had to stand around and yak. Okay, fine. Back to Nordstrom’s I go.

But I got sidetracked at Victoria’s Secret on the way back. Bought the new IPEX bra. Oh yeah. It’s the best bra I’ve ever worn.

Anyway, back to Nordstrom’s and I purchase the shoes. I figured if they didn’t work, I’d return them. Of course I get them home and they are no where near the color I needed to match the dress. I realize I had bought a pair of Kenneth Cole and they’re starting to grow on me. They’re slides with a lovely buckle and little silver and amber crystals inlaid on the foot strap. I figure what the heck – my birthday is in a few weeks and I’ll consider it an early birthday present to myself. Har. I’ll see if I can find a picture and post for all to see (if anyone cares that is).

Had training today on InDesign. Oh my God, could it be any more boring? I’ve used PageMaker, QuarkXpress and Publisher so I’m quite familiar with layout and design programs. InDesign is just a mash-up version of PageMaker and Quark put together. Sort of like a kinder gentler PageMaker. And anyone who can use either one of those can use InDesign. So far, the teacher isn’t blowing my skirt up (so to speak) with the class. It’s very slow for me. I’m a fast learner and it annoys me I have to go the pace of the rest of the class (which includes people who have never even laid a finger on a layout program before).

Such is life. I’m sure I’ll be bored to tears tomorrow too. I’m just hoping I get out early enough to get home in time to get to the pre-conference dinner on time. Ew. What a horrible sentence.

Anyway, the cheesecake came out lovely. In a rash move, I decided to drop the temperature of the oven by 15 degrees so it wouldn’t crack. It still cracked around the sides and a little in the middle. But I can cover that up with fresh slices of mango. The crust came out perfect and I think it will be a big hit. Tomorrow when I get home, I’ve got to slice fresh mango for the top (dang, I wish I’d thought to buy mint for garnish, too), get it out of the springform pan without destroying it and into a portable cake plate. I’m really looking forward to the dinner.

On the writing front, got issue 102 on Scars sent off to the editor. I’d like to think I’ll write issue 103 tonight, but I’m not so sure that will happen. Need to get issue 90 done for Ransom & Fortune, but I don’t know about that either. I also want to work on the novel, get back to reading my friend’s ms., and get that short story ready for submission. I’ve been putting off the latter because it’s going to be a pain in the arse to format. I have to take out all the italics and notate it a different way. There’s a lot of ital, too, since most of the story is told as a journal entry. UGH. I hate reformatting but it must be done if I’m to submit. I will hopefully get that done this weekend.

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By Michelle

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