The Recap

So it’s Monday again. Why does it gotta come so fast?

Saturday was a really long day and another day for a marathon drive-fest for me. But it was all good. The wedding was nice and the bride looked lovely. The ceremony was SUPER short but the reception seemed a little long. They actually opened their gifts and I have never been to a wedding where they did that. Different strokes, I guess. Suppose the “planner” had something to do with that. Dunno.

Anyway, it was a long drive up there and I carpooled with my mother, brother, his wife, their two daughters, and my baby boy. Yeah. Seven of us. In one vehicle. It ROCKED. Best Good Friend (aka Sysenlaw) and I cut up and worked crosswords and cryptograhms in the back seat while Niece #1 snored and Niece #2 and Baby Boy played.

I gotta say, my kiddo was most excellent the ENTIRE day. He’s such a trooper! To spend three plus hours in the car and then with nothing to do in the church until time for the ceremony (we got there about 3 hours early since my brother was the best man). My sister sent over pizza and soda for us for dinner which was smashing. We all ate like someone was about to take it all away from us. We were starved.

It was finally time for the ceremony and my baby boy and Niece #2 sat up front with Grammy (my mother) and my sister. They were EXCELLENT. The entire time! Didn’t even have to get on to them for anything.

Best Good Friend and I cut up nearly the entire time, though.


You know you’re being bad when you get the look from Grammy (aka my mother!) and you’re over the age of 18. Ha! I couldn’t help it, though, she was cracking me up.

My sister has gotta be the toughest broad I know and, as Best Good Friend put it, it was almost disturbing to see her cry at the wedding. It was her oldest boy getting hitched and I can see how that’d make her feel. She said – Just wait until yours get there.

UH. No. He’s not allowed to get married. EVER. 🙂

Anyway, they had sparklers instead of bird seed or rose petals or rice when they were running out of the church. It was kinda cool. And the kids dug the crap out of it too. My Sweetie Boy thought it was awesome. And then the kids ran rampant while we visited until we left.

It was very nice to see my sisters. It’s been a while and we missed each other at Christmas. I think I’m going to take a weekend and try and go visit them (they live in East Texas) in the Spring. I’d like to take the baby and let him go fishing (the baby who is nearly 5 1/2 haha).

It was super late by the time we got back to my mother’s house. Well after midnight and all the kids were snoring. I’d doze off and on in the van. We saw my brother and his family off and then Mom and I promptly went inside and passed out.

Man, I slept like the dead too. It was great.

We got up the next morning and had coffee, fed the baby boy, and then we headed home. I did laundry, cleaned my disgusting bathrooms, vacuumed and at about 3 pm I was ready for a nap. However, Sweetie Boy wasn’t about to allow that. I ended up taking him shopping with his Christmas money his Grammy gave him and he bought a board game.

He’s totally into the board games these days. We got “Zathura” which is based on the movie (if you’ve seen it) and he LOVED it. We had to play it three times. Then it was time for him to go home (waa) and I came home to cook.

I made the best meal too. I was in need of some comfort food I guess. I opened a bottle of Blackstone Merlot and made real mashed potatos (not instant), chicken fried steak, green beans, AND cream gravy. Gaw, it was so good! (But I confess, I can’t make cream gravy from scratch to save my life – it was from a packet.)

Then I answered email and… actually wrote ONE WHOLE PAGE on the dragon story. I had sort of an epiphany in the shower Sunday morning, so I’m going to see if it works out.

But I was beat from the weekend so I knew I had to crash early.

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend. It was great to see the family and spend some time with them. And it was good for the baby boy to get to play with his cousins and see them.

The second week of 2007 – and I’ve been writing. That’s gotta be a good sign so far, right?

Happy Monday, ya’ll. 🙂

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.