The Results Show: An Unscientific Experiment

So over on The Facebook last week, I did some polling. It was a lot of fun, too. I just kinda wanted to see what sort of results I would get and the ladies didn’t disappoint. I asked a different question each day of the week by posting it early in the morning. And then I watched all the comments roll through. Some of you made me giggle. Here’s the break down.

Pirates or Princes?

Those who answered most definitely picked pirates over princes, though some picked both. In the running was definitely Jack Sparrow followed closely be Captain Blood (a nobleman turned pirate) and Westley from Princess Bride. Some specifically asked for “naughty pirates” or “bad boy pirates.” And yet another wanted a “pirate who captures a princess and has good hygiene.” The pirate, not the princess. A few wanted a prince, mostly because of–again–hygiene issues. Who could blame them? Pirates back in the day were not so…clean. I’m not sure even Jack Sparrow can claim that, either. I mean, look at him. Thought his personality is quite charming in a crazy sort of way.

Rakes or Rogues?

You naughty ladies. It was unanimous. You all wanted a rouge. One wanted both. (Again with the both! Bad girl.)

Swashbuckler or Space Cowboy?

According to Wikipedia: Swashbuckler or swasher is a term that emerged in the 16th century and has been used for rough, noisy and boastful swordsmen ever since.

I thought this would be a difficult choice, but it turns out, it wasn’t. See, to me when I hear Swashbuckler, I immediately think of Indiana Jones. Don’t you? He certainly wasn’t the original swashbuckler. No, there was Allan Quartermain (King Solomon’s Mines) and Charlie Allnut (The African Queen), although maybe Charlie wasn’t so much of a buckler as a swash. Anyway. My personal preference is Indy, but then I think of Han Solo. He was definitely a space cowboy immediately loved from a young age. And the results? Swashbuckler won hands down, though there was a mention or two of Mal Reynolds in Firefly and a few requests for a Space Cowboy.

Faery of Elf?

Now, I’m a fan of fantasy fiction. I have been for a long time now. I love me a good Fae (the Karen Marie Moning books come to mind immediately). But I also love reading about Elves. They’re so…timeless, so elegant. And immortal! Well, the Fae are too, but anyway… I’m currently writing a story with both Fae and Elf and I’m enjoying it immensely. Though, I confess, the story focuses mostly on my Fae characters. I do have a few Elves that are insisting on stealing the show. But back to the results. Elf was the #1 choice. Specifically, Legolas from Lord of the Rings. Well, duh. Look at him. Plus, we know Mr. Bloom was also a favorite in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Must nice to get two trilogies like that. He must have been talking to Harrison Ford about that. I read somewhere that Orlando Bloom will be reprising his role of Legolas in The Hobbit coming out sometime this year. I, personally, am a a fan of Galadriel. I’d love to be her. She’s cool.

Superhero or Secret Agent?

Out of all the questions, this one surprised me the most. I figured most everyone would pick superhero. Who WOULDN’T want a superhero? Lois Lane, Vicki Vale, MJ…they got their superhero. Out of the twelve comments, only four chose superhero. So I guess you can imagine who the winner was? Secret agent. Specifically James Bond. That’s because he’s cool. He drinks his martinis shaken, not stirred. He has cool gadgets. He gets all the girls. He’s suave. He’s debonair. AND he has that lovely British accent. I suppose we all have a favorite Bond. Mine definitely is Mr. Sean Connery. He was the first and the best, IMO.

And that’s the results of my little experiment. Check my Facebook page on Monday. I’m betting there was another question posted. 😉

By Michelle

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