The Revolt of Sir Dexter the #HouseCat

clump and sealDear Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter,

While I’m sure you are a fine product – and I was, in fact, very much looking forward to working with you, I’m afraid I have to remove you from my household.

The problem stems from the revolt of Sir Dexter, who was quite emphatic he wasn’t interested in using your litter. How do I know this, you ask? Allow me to elaborate.

A few weeks ago, I purchased the new 50% lighter and completely dust free litter thinking it would be awesome. I happily replaced the litter in the box with this one from the other brand.

Sir Dexter ignored his box most of the day. He enjoys scratching and pooping in the middle of the night to ensure he will wake up his humans. I think this is his way of paying me back for starving him to death (he’s on a diet). When I got up the following morning to do my daily scooping, I discovered he had not covered his poop and he had peed on the rug.

This was not how I wanted to start the work week.

After putting on a hazmat suit and cleaning up the mess, I headed off to work. By that evening, he had used the box again but failed to cover the offending smell. I also noticed the rug still reeked so I threw it away because I couldn’t stand the smell wafting from the fibers. During the evening hours, a horrible smell cam from the bathroom again. Sir Dexter let me know of his displeasure of the litter by peeing all over the floor.


Another clean up ensued.

DexterTo trick him into using the box, I poured the remaining litter from the other brand on top of this litter. By morning, Sir Dexter had used the box but still failed to cover up the poop. I knew by then he was in full revolt.

Unfortunately, I had to switch by to the other brand of litter, pronto. I made a special stop on the way home for it and switched it out when I got home that evening.

The revolt ended. Sir Dexter, his majesty, was pleased. His human was less than pleased.

Sadly I will not be able to buy your product in the future, Arm & Hammer. I hope you understand.


By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.