The Vinegar Debacle

Quote of the Day:
The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.
– Charles Du Bos

Very hectic day at the office and I think this is just a sign of things to come. Things are about to get REALLY busy in the next few weeks. That makes the day go by SUPER fast. I like it.

Since my Sweetie Boy is staying with my mom for a couple of days, she checked in with me via email early yesterday morning. One of the things her email said was: “He just told me that his grandmom is very old like me!”

(His Grandmom being his other grandmother that he usually sees every day.) Kids say the funniest dang things.

She also said he was a precious child. Well – duh! 😉 I knew that already. He is a precious child though. Very sweet and empathetic. He has a big heart for such a little guy. I think it was harder on me dropping him off at my mom’s than it was him. In fact, he gave me a nonchalant wave and said, “Bye, Mom!” Like it was no big deal. I guess to him, it wasn’t.

Yesterday, Sysenlaw and I decided to have an impromptu lunch date and met at IHOP. Man, there were some freaks in there. Not only that, but the service kind of sucked. However, that said, the sandwich I had was yum. Chicken, provolone, sautéed onions and bell peppers on this sort of hoagie bun. And the company was even better. We’re pretty sure we need to have a radio show so we can impart our hilarity on everyone.

Back at the office, the lady I work with grows African violets, which impresses me. I can only grow a bamboo and an aloe vera. Mostly because you can largely ignore them and they’ll just keep on keeping on. Apparently, African violets need special pots (I had no idea – did anyone else know this?) and she said, out loud, “I need a long pointy thing.” Meaning: she needed something to put the wick back into the bottom of the pot (look, I don’t grow the things, so I have no idea). Without missing a beat – and certainly without thinking – I piped up with, “God, me too!”

What can I say? I have needs. Thank goodness my boss was still at lunch. Though she pretty much loves me so I might have been able to get away with it.

And now for something completely different and to address the title of this post. Last night, I decided to cook dinner. Now, anyone that knows me, knows I can’t/don’t/won’t cook. It’s not my bag, baby. (Well, let me rephrase. I CAN cook, I just don’t like to. Besides, it’s rather depressing cooking for one.) Anyway, I’m a lazy cook. I want something fast and simple and a no-brainer. I just need something to stave off the hunger pains, right? So I made one of those Tyson skillet meals. Which are actually pretty good. You just throw it in a pan and cook for about 15-20 minutes. No-brainer. Well, on the directions, there’s a place to add some “zing” and it called for either Worcestershire or red wine. I had no Worcestershire, so I figured I’d use red wine because I was pretty sure I had red cooking wine, which would do in a pinch.

I’m cooking away, get down the red cooking wine, open the bottle and then douse – and I do mean douse – the entire pan with the stuff. As soon as I get done dousing, I realize I had used red wine vinegar. All because I didn’t read the label and I just ASSUMED that it was red cooking wine.

The word vile is too pale of a word to describe the horrendous meal that followed. It had a very interesting “bite” to it and – oh man – it was just AWFUL. I ate some of it anyway and threw out the rest. Then I stood with the freezer/fridge door open for a while and wondered what else I could eat. Then did the same thing in the pantry. I settled for a beer and a bag of popcorn.

Ah, the life of being single.

Actually, I have to say…I am happier now than I have been in years. It’s just me and the cat. My friend was right. She said it takes 90 days to form a new habit and that’s no joke. It’s been about that long, maybe a little longer, for me since I struck out on my own again and I’m settled into a nice routine.

And I still have that Crush. 😉

By Michelle

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