The Way Back Machine

I’m stealing that title from my SIL. 🙂

I’ve been wanting to convert my VHS tapes to DVDs. I may have mentioned this in my Monday post but ya know, I’ve slept since then so forgive me for the repeat information. Anyway, this has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. However, despite the fact I have a tub full of VHS tapes, I’d long ago gotten rid of the VCR. In fact, I can’t remember the last one I had…hm…

But back to topic. I’d been trying to bid on and win one on eBay for a couple of weeks. I finally got one! Go me! Granted, it’s not a very good one but I figure it just has to play the tapes and nothing more. Right? Right! So it arrived last week. Husband hooked it up on Saturday so we could see if it actually worked like the ad said. Because if not, I was going to have to send it back. He unearthed the tapes from the garage which had been in there for five-plus years. I figured the tapes would be ruined. But they weren’t!

The first one I found was Aladdin. Since neither of us own it on DVD, we popped it in and TADA! It worked! Of course, it’s grainy. I mean, you get what you get with VHS. It’s not great. But we were immediately sucked into the movie and watched the entire thing. I love that movie!

Then I pulled out all my old dance recitals. These were the ones I’d been wanting to save. I popped in one or two but the one that made me actually sit and watch it all the was when we did our own rendition of Cats. I think it was 1987. I was thin as a rail, too. That’s me on the right in the picture. I was a calico cat. The thing around my neck was a chewed off (pretend) rope cuz I was a bad kitty. Even back then. 😆

I loved doing Cats. It was so much fun. And watching the tape made me think, “I can still do that!” Which is TOTALLY not true. I mean, my brain thinks I can but my muscles say otherwise. It was a wonderful walk down memory lane and I still miss it to this day. Oh, sure, I could take dance class somewhere else but it’s not the same. It will never be just like that again. Plus I’m like way older than I was in this picture. 😉

At any rate, Husband ordered the conversion software so we’ll be converting our tapes. I’m really looking forward to seeing all that old footage again.

By Michelle

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