The Weekend In Review – Attempt 2

Okay my blog is acting WEIRD. I posted yesterday – I swear! SO I’m going to try again…

Hey I’m over at Pop Culture Divas today talking about my favorite Christmas movies. Stop on by!

Whew!! What a hectic few days. I can’t believe the weekend is already over but at the same time I’m relieved the weekend is over.

Friday night, the kiddo coughed until nearly 1 am. I finally got up and rummaged around for some cough suppressant. I had given him some Children’s Ny-Quil but it wasn’t working. So I made him prop up on pillows and then gave him the cough syrup. I don’t think he’s sick – just has some sort of strange winter allergies. We’re all feeling a bit that way, so there must be something in the air. We’re expecting a hard freeze on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so hopefully it will kil whatever is in the air.  

We lazed around the house Saturday morning. I like those mornings. But we all finally got dressed and went out separate ways. Man had things to do and I had a few errands to take care of. I have this light bulb in the closet with a pull chain. I managed to rip the pull chain right off on Saturday. So it was off to Lowe’s for a new light.

Took the kiddo with me and we picked up a nice but inexpensive light with a pull chain. I also decided I’d had it with the ugly vent fan/light in the bathroom so I bought a new one of those. I started to wrap it up, put it under the tree, and put a tag on it that said it was to man, from Santa. 😀 But I thought that might be kinda mean so instead I handed it to him. He was actually a little excited to get a new vent fan. And me too! For obvious reasons. It happens when you share a bathroom with the opposite sex. 😉

So anyway, finished up at Lowe’s and then went to Walgreen’s for a few last minute gifts. I was pretty excited to see they have every gift card under the sun so it was one stop shopping. Got some small tins for cookies, too, and some other miscellaneous stuff I needed for Christmas.

Got back home and SIL came by. She had most of her Christmas presents shipped to my house to keep her teenager out of them. So she came over, drank coffee, chatted and wrapped gifts.

Man got home from his venture and then we headed to Rosa’s for dinner. We stuffed ourselves on tacos then watched the Cowboys-Saints game. It was a fantastic game.

Of course, I was tired from being up late the night before so I crashed during the second quarter. Woke up in time for the second half of the game. It was a good one and the last 2 minutes nearly gave us heart-failure. The Cowboys ended up winning, though, and we were relieved.

We managed to get up early on Sunday because we had to go grocery shopping. I had a very long list, too, for Christmas dinner and baking things. We managed to get just about everything except for a few minor things. We spent an hour and a half in WalMart. At least it wasn’t that crowded yet.

Got home, unloaded, made lunch, went to Kroger for the remaining items. WM was out of red food coloring and almond extract (Devon – you’ve inspired me to bake thumbprint cookies!) and red currant jelly.

Two groceries stores was about two too many yesterday, let me tell you. But we got everything. But the tenderloin is going to be nice (or at least I HOPE it is… cross your fingers I don’t screw it up…).

Man put in the new closet light and it works beautifully. Then he changed out an outlet in the kitchen that never worked right. Now it does. Love it!

Got all the laundry done. Cooked hamburgers on the grill. Watched some more football and part of the Santa Claus 3. Good times.

And that was it for the weekend. I had planned to get the house cleaned but ran out of time. I only work Monday and Tuesday this week (WOO) so hopefully I can get some cleaning done in between baking cookies and a red velvet cake.

Still hard to believe it’s the week of Christmas! Happy Monday, ya’ll.

By Michelle

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