The Weekend of Clean

This weekend went by fast! I hate when that happens, really. It’s like you don’t have nearly enough time to enjoy it. We got a lot of rain which was nice but it made getting the yard mowed a challenge. Of course, we didn’t have to worry about rain for long since it was all done by Saturday afternoon and the sun was out and strong on Sunday. Upper 90s. Very hot. Very humid. Very gross outside.

But it’s all official: Man is moved in. It’s interesting to note that when you live in 1200 square feet, by yourself, and you add someone else to the mix…well, there’s a lot of crap. I have crap. He has crap. Crap abounds. But it’s all good. He, however, didn’t get finished moving until well after midnight on Friday. And it was still sort-kinda raining. The house was piled with boxes and the garage was stuffed full. So guess what the task for Saturday and Sunday was?

Yep. Cleaning and organizing. We went to Lowe’s and purchased shelves for the garage. What a difference shelves make! So we got them all together and started organizing the garage so we could organize the rest of the house. We each threw out stuff. It amazed me how much junk I had that just needed to be tossed. I think I must have had about a hundred curtain rods. Not the good ones, either, the cheap ones that cost like $5 at Wal-Mart. Gone. And then, since I painted the entire house when I first moved in nearly 3 years ago (egads, has it been THAT long?), I had paint cans galore. There’s only one way to dispose of those – I have to take them to the city, get a voucher, and then drive to Fort Worth and hand them my voucher and paint cans. That’s on tap for tomorrow morning as soon as the city opens at 8.

I’ve finally figured out the Pantry Delimma. While we were at Lowe’s, I spied a storage piece that would be perfect as a pantry. So that’s on the list! If I can get that, I can actually have some food storage that’s worth a darn and reclaim two shelves in the overhead cabinets. We need the space. Because we have dishes galore. Luckily, I’ve found a home for all that stuff so far.

But I digress… The pantry is on the For Future Reference list. So we spent most of the day outside getting somewhat organized. Sunday was more of the same. Man managed to get all the Christmas decorations taking up most of the space in the garage up in the attic. YAY! And now we have oodles of space in the garage. He’s found a home for all but a few of the boxes and a few of the things which have taken up temporary residence in the living room area. All in good time will that be gone. And finally, we’ll be living in harmony. Well, we already doo. But we’ll be doing it without clutter. 🙂

So that was pretty much the weekend. Working in the hot garage, organizing, getting things arranged. We still have a long ways to go. I told him I would love to covert the master bathroom into a closet and add on about 10 feet to the back of the house with a huge, awesome master bathroom. Yeah, keep dreaming, right? At least we can share a closet and he doesn’t mind all my shoes. Too much.

Today it’s back on track with the writing and getting more revisions done! And then…someday… I really need to clean up my desk. It looks like a disaster area.

Happy Monday!

By Michelle

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