The Weekend

So very happy it’s the weekend. Slept very late this morning, and so did my son. Husband, however, had to get up super early and go into work. Yuck.

The golf tournament was, dare I say it, actually fun yesterday. After checking all the players in at the registration table, I then got to sit in a golf cart all day at hole 2 and watch for hole in ones (didn’t happen). The funny thing about the whole day was one of the volunteers who works for a subconsulting company now, was there and she also happened to be an ex-coworker. We worked for the same company a few years ago. So we hung out at hole 2 and caught up and gossiped for three hours.

If anyone got a hole in one at hole 2, they won a new Buick Lacross. Nice, eh? I can’t tell you how many of the players came by and tried to bribe us with money to win that stupid car. It was hilarious. The beverage cart was there one time and one player offered us beer. At 9 in the morning! That’s a little early for me. We respectfully declined. (Later, after the event was over, that same guy came up to me and asked if I ever took him up on his beer offer and let me just say.. WHOA on the beer breath. He had, apparently, been imbibing all day.)

They fed us Risky’s BBQ for lunch (yum). After the tourney was over, it was off to the doctor for my son’s four year check up. He did great on the check up. He’s a perfectly healthy normal 4-yr-old boy. He also got his shots and he was highly upset about that. So I took him to McDonald’s and got him a happy meal and then he got to have candy afterward. I felt bad for him because he got four shots, two in each little leg. But he came through it like a trooper.

Went to the airport to pick up DH. His plane landed at 8. Usually, he’s at Terminal C, but last night his plane landed at Terminal A. I despise Terminal A. Since it used to be an international terminal (and still is – they aren’t finished with the new Terminal D, the international terminal), it stinks. It has this really weird, disgusting odor. And there are tons of people running around there that don’t speak English who hover around the baggage carousel like if they don’t, they won’t get their bags. Ugh.

And of course, everywhere we go, my son HAS to use the bathroom. Nasty. Those bathrooms are so NASTY.

The bed felt incredibly good when I finally climbed in last night. I crashed hard and fast.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.