Things I love/hate about Winter

Things I love/hate about Winter

Let’s start with the positive. The things I love:

  • It’s cold so snuggling up is a great way to get added heat from your significant other. And other bonus things! 😀
  • Hot chocolate/coffee/hot tea. Mmm
  • Crock pot stew
  • Chili!
  • Long holiday weekends
  • Christmas!

The things I hate:

  • It’s cold
  • Wearing a bulky coat in the car is annoying
  • Trying to put a should bag over said bulk coat is annoying
  • Dressing for outside does not always means you’re dressing for INSIDE
  • If you work in a drafty building, the temperature inside is only 10 degrees warmer than outside
  • It’s cold
  • Have I mentioned it’s cold?

I can’t complain about snow cuz… well, we don’t get that here. 😀

By Michelle

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