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Hey all – I’m over at Pop Culture Divas today talking about a new venture for urban fantasy/paranormal readers and writers. Go check it out!

It always amazes me how quickly the weekends go by. Man and I met up at the mall after work on Friday and say The Bounty Hunter with Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston. It was cute with some good moments and it wasn’t just a romantic comedy–it had a bit of a mystery plot, too.

Saturday I went to the DARA (Dallas Area Romance Authors) meeting. I’d joined back in January and it was the first meeting I manged to attend. The speaker was Colleen Thompson and she talked about how to get out of your own way and finish the damn book. I enjoyed it and it made me realize that the only person stopping me…is me. One of the best things she said (I thought) was: Publishing can disappoint you; writing never will. I love that!

Got home that afternoon and worked on the contest. I had a bunch of entries and needed to get caught up. Still waiting on some entries to come back scored from some judges and I have a feeling this will be another year when I have to scramble to find extra judges. It’s maddening sometimes. Man was out with his daughter all afternoon so I opened up Pandora and worked away. In fact, I’m listening now as I type this (Strangers In The Night by Frank Sinatra).

I stopped at Whataburger on the way home from the meeting since I was starving and made the huge error of getting onion rings. Even though I love them, they give me the worst indigestion ever. I paid for it the rest of the day.

By the time Man got home, he was starving so we ended up at Pei Wei for some awesome chinese food. That night, we watched out Netflix movie, Old Dogs, which was totally stupid. Sometimes you need stupid entertainment, though. And then we watched The Ugly Truth. Yeah, it was another movie weekend. We’re addicted to Netflix, I think.

Sunday was about grocery shopping, laundry, an afternoon soccer game, and cleaning. We went to the farmers market, which is one of our favorite places now. We bought some tomato plants and a banana pepper plant. My basil and chives have finally sprouted. Still waiting for the parsley and cilantro to make an appearance, though. The weather was gorgeous, too, even though it was a little on the cool side with the wind.

While we cooked dinner, we watched that really cool new show on Discovery Channel called Life. It’s really fascinating to see how nature works. Last night’s offering was about mammals and fish.

Totally off topic: I’ve nearly reached my limit with the clutter in the office. I think I’m nearly ready to empty it out, get a new desk (that isn’t broken), repaint the walls, and then put everything back in a more organized fashion.

Not much else to report, not really. I’ll be writing today at lunch. I’m about 10,000 words away from finishing. Not sure I can get it all done this week, but if I write 2,000 a day I think I can do it and I will have only overshot by goal by one day. Not bad. I’m still turning this novella in by May 1 whether it’s totally ready or not. 🙂 And then I’m going to work on my sci-fi I think, though I have some research to do on the Mayans or the Aztecs. I haven’t decided which to use yet for my hidden secret temple. I do know it needs to be in a jungle somewhere in South America, though.

Hope everyone had a smashing weekend. Here’s to a good week!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.