This is The End

Progress Update: 734 / 39,373 and I AM DONE. I typed THE END yesterday. WAHOO!

I finished the novella! MAN that feels good. Now it’s on to the revision stage and out to my critique partner. I expect that after revision, it will be a little longer as I need to flesh out some details but for the most part, the MEAT of the story is there.

Finally I get to start on my science fiction action/adventure with romantic elements. I’m not sure, but maybe I need to throw in another sub-genre. 😀  But I’m still trying to wrap up the contest so I probably won’t actually start writing it until Monday. Yes, I”m taking today off.

It’s been VERY windy lately. We’re supposed to get thunderstorms tonight. Great. It’s that time of year, though. Hopefully there won’t be any damaging wind or hail or–worse–tornados.

Hope everyone has a super Easter weekend!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.