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You know… there are just some people in this world that know exactly what buttons to push and how to get ya all agitated and annoyed. Which ticks me off that I let it get to me in the first place. So ya know what? That’s it. I’m done. I’M CLEAR!

Oh… and the shoe debacle. The mystery was solved. Um… yeah, UPS, your dumbass driver DID deliver the package to the wrong address. There was no MIGHT about it. Turns out, he delivered it to 500 W. 3rd Street which is like… way wrong. And turns out to be the Fort Worth Library. When I told Best Good Friend where it ended up, her response was, “Those virgins don’t want YOUR shoes.”


Highly likely. Anyway, I happened to be telling the ladies at the office where UPS finally delivered it and one lady mentioned she thought it was the library. Turns out she was right and since she was headed there anyway for her lunch, she asked them. The searched for it and FOUND them.

How come three women in an office can find the package but UPS can’t?


Anyway, she brought them back to me and I told her she was my hero! I showed them off (pictured above) and I have to say … they are truly stunning shoes. With lots of bling. I think I’ll save them for New Year’s (provided I have a date, of course). And I’ll need the perfect outfit to go with them. So, ya know… I’ll have to get some shopping done for the perfect outfit. haha

ANYWAY… enough of shoes. (Yes, it is a sickness. Yes, I do need therapy. Hi. My name is Michelle and I’m a shoe-a-holic.)

This weekend I hung some pictures of the baby in the hallway. I also found his ultrasound that shoes a perfect profile of him. My mom had printed it large, put it in a frame and called it “Baby’s First Picture”. So I hung it up in the baby’s room.

“Mom,” he says, “what’s that?”

So I tell him – it’s him when he was in my tummy. He looks at it for a minute then he says, “Mom, will you take it down? It’s freaking me out.”


It’s now on the desk in my office.

And I’ve started the final book in the Coffee House Chronicles. TAKE MY I’M YOURS is officially underway! YES!

And please don’t forget that book 1 of Ransom & Fortune, A BEND IN TIME, will be available for purchase November 28. The time is coming! Bookmarks are currently underway. Want one? If so, email me with your snail mail address and I’ll send ya one.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.