This ‘n That

I was flipping channels this evening and ran across re-runs of Sex and the City on TBS. It was an episode I hadn’t seen. It was nice to visit with the girls again.

On another note, my shoes came in! Sweet. But they came DHL and of course it was signature required and of course I wasn’t home when they tried to deliver. So I had to go pick it up at the DHL service center. Ya know, I have to say…I’m impressed with them. I called them to find out where exactly they were located and the lady was so nice, she checked to see if the driver had returned yet, which he hadn’t. She took down my number and told me she’d call when he had. She followed through and when I arrived at the service center, she said, “You must be Michelle.” Wow. Now that’s customer service!

A new story idea has been rattling around in my head for a few days. It came to me when I was at my chapter meeting on Saturday. The guest speaker, Jane Graves, sat down and introduced herself to me and a fellow member and friend. She asked us what we wrote. I said fantasy romance. My friend said chick-lit. She commented how both were very hot and how chick-lit was starting to branch out and cross genres. So I got to thinking… wouldn’t it be fun to have a fantasy chick-lit? Dating, relating, and saving the world! Hm.. maybe it’s too lame.

After tomorrow I will have five days left at my current job. WOOHOO

Read the crits on my contest entries. I don’t know why I was avoiding it. Before going in, though, I told myself I would read the crits with an opening mind. And you know what? It wasn’t so bad.

Two people loved it and two people said there wasn’t enough emotion. AHA! Could this be the secret as to why it’s getting rejected? Also, one of the comments was too many characters. Interesting. I think that might be right. I do have a very large cast of characters with this novel. But it’s a complicated story and it needs the large cast to support it. I mean, I have the somewhat naive heroine, the mother who is dying and has to pass on her knowledge to her daughter, the evil king and his cronies bent on conquering the world, a father coming to reclaim what he wants, and the hero who doesn’t realize who he really is. One comment said the places were too complicated. And you know, after reading the comments and thinking about the story, it does seem…cluttered. Of course one side of me whines but it’s a fantasy and the other says but it needs to be pared down. I have thought before that the story could be cut way down, much as I hate to. *heavy sigh* I dunno. I need to think on it some more.

All right.. enough procrastinating. Gotta go write.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.