To distract me from my current life-shattering experience 😀 Man took me and the kiddo to see Thor when it opened. It’s opening weekend, it grossed over $60 million. And after being open for two weeks, it’s made nearly $120 million.

Gee, I wonder why? I have a guess. Example:

LOOK at him. Wait. That’s not really a good example. Here’s another one:

Ah, yes. That’s better. Muscles. *purr*

There was actually a story, too. Thor is reckless and powerful and his arrogance incites a war between the giants and his kind. When his father, Odin, (Anthony Hopkins) learns what’s happened, he banishes him to Earth where he has to live among humans. He meets Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), the spunky scientist looking for answers in the cosmos. While he’s there, he learns what it is to be a true hero when the dark forces of Asgard are sent to attack Earth. For a comic book movie, I thought it was really well done. And he’s definitely easy on the eyes. 😉 I was happy to spend an afternoon in the theater with my two favorite guys and a bucket of popcorn.

Natalie Portman was cute in the movie (the other end of the spectrum from her dark Black Swan). Her character was a super-smart – and a little dingy – girl looking for clues that wormholes do exist.

If you go see Thor, do yourself a favor and stay through the credits. There’s a little sneak peek of what’s to come in The Avengers, releasing in 2012. Yes, we get more Thor. That makes me a happy girl.

By Michelle

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