Three Things

The other day as I was getting ready for work, it occurred to me the three things I absolutely could not leave the house without: my cell phone; my thumb drive; my iPod. I feel completely lost without them and naked. And if I do leave one of them behind, I always turn around and go back and get it (of course, if I’m already at the office then I suck it up and try to get on with my day without them, but it’s very hard, let me tell you).

I’ve come to depend on the iPod for my daily blockage of stupidity. It’s the only thing, lately, that keeps me sane from the outside world. Plus, I’ve started picking up those “free download” cards from Starbucks (because I’m in there nearly daily) and I actually sat and downloaded the free songs. Most of them aren’t really my taste, but what the heck. It’s FREE. And today, Starbucks had a little booklet of coupons for their products in the grocery store. And since I’m the coupon lady how could I refuse that?

Last night I managed to get home early, get dinner done and the dishes done by 7 pm! It was glorious. Then I caught up on emails and cleaned off my desk. Then I finished making the final changes on my Phoenix synopsis. And THEN I got this really fantastic idea for a dark fantasy and I quickly jotted down the notes for it so I don’t lose the idea in the dark chasms of my head.

I also watered both the front and the back before they burn up from the heat. We officially hit our first 100 degree day yesterday. Today, it will be another 100 degree day. And then we have about a 20 percent chance of rain next week. Right. We’ll see if that happens. I reprogrammed the AC so it would kick on earlier in the day. I originally set it to go up to 85 but being so hot, it’s taking the house way too long to cool down at night. So I bumped it back to 82. Let the thing have less of a work-out. It’s old, after all, and I can’t afford to have the thing replaces this year. It can break next year (now you watch, I’ve just jinxed myself!).

Anyway, I’m loving the HP Mini. Man installed some virus software for me and it’s working like a charm. Now I don’t have to worry about getting online and I’m SO SO SO excited to take it with me to Nationals. I had a little SNAFU with the hotel reservations – they LOST them essentially and I had no reservations for my stay – but I got it all sorted out and a new confirmation emailed to me. It’s all good. I’m all set. I have a few little things to get before the trip. Most notably LUGGAGE. Some new walking shoes and some black flats that aren’t beat up. I’m getting my hair done and a pedicure before I leave, too. So much to do. So many things to get ready. I’m really looking forward to the conference and to meeting all my online writing friends who are long-distance. Plus I have a fabulously fabulous red party dress for The Gathering (the FF&P party) on Thursday night AND some terribly hot red sexy shoes to go with. Note to self: wear them before the trip to get them broken in!

As soon as I get back, I’m driving to East Texas to my sister’s the next day to take the kiddo for the week. He’s dying to spend some time with his cousin who is only a year and a half older. I think they’re going to have a blast. I hope. He’s never been away from home for any length of time so this should be interesting. He said today he wanted me to stay with him. Which throws a bit of monkey wrench in the situation, seeing as how I’m not planning to take that week off too…

I have myself scheduled for a week and a day of vacation from work and that’s the longest stretch I’ve ever taken in my entire working career. EVER. I think I’m due. And I think I need it. Can you say Burn Out? Twenty years of working in Corporate America (not for the same company, mind you) and never having a lengthy vacation? Yeah. I’m due.

And before I forget – here’s a head’s up! I’ll be interviewed tomorrow night at my local chapter’s blog, so be sure and stop by if you get a chance! I’ll post a note on Facebook as well as Twitter as a reminder. 🙂

That’s it for me! Happy Wednesday, ya’ll! Stay cool.

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By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.