I was on track last night to finish the book when bad weather rolled through the area. I had to shut everything down and unplug the computer. Darn it.

But, yeah, it was pretty bad weather. Major thunderstorms and some tornadic activity. It hit here just after 9. Of course, I lost satellite but I was ready with the TV antenna. The storm spotters said there was rotation about 5 miles from where I live and the emergency horns went off. Scary. I got all my stuff together – shoes, purse, thumbdrive, cell phone – and put it all in the center of the house (which is the second bathroom). It rained pretty hard and we got some pea size hail but other than that… the worst of it missed me. Thank goodness.

One town north of me got hit pretty hard, though. They think it was a probably an F1 tornado. Roofs were blown off, fences destroyed. I’m very grateful nothing bad happened to my house.

The news people crack me up, though. They were on the scene of the house with no roof (or second story) and interviewed the home owner. Here’s how they transcribed it.

The home owner: “We were in bed and all of a sudden we heard a loud noise. So we jumped up and ran into the closet. The boom lasted maybe 5 minutes. When we came out, the roof was gone.”

The news anchor: “As you just heard, there was mass chaos in that house as the owners ran for cover. It lasted for several intense moments as the storm passed over them for a mere five minutes. There you can see the destruction of the storm of unconfirmed reports of a tornado.”

I know it’s a serious situation but do they have to make it so dramatic? The people were just happy to have their lives. And I can’t blame them. I’m sure it was terrifying. I remember one time last spring when a bad storm rolled through in the middle of the night – and the only reason I woke up was because the kiddo came and got in bed with me. The second I woke up, the entire house shifted with the wind. I seriously thought we were going to blow away.

Anyway, this is the type of weather we have in spring, not in February. It’s crazy. The cold front is through and this morning it’s in the 40s. I never ran the heat yesterday and today it’s on. We’re supposed to have more rain towards the end of the week.

As for me… I will be writing tonight. I’m just over 60K on the book, so I’m pretty sure I can finish it in about another two thousand words. I’m determined. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

By Michelle

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