Thursday already?

As the day wore on yesterday, I felt better. I think fatigue and allergies just played a large part in my feeling crummy. The throat still feels…weird. But I know it’s just whatever is in the air. I’m sneezing; Kid is sneezing; Man is sneezing. Yeah – Gustav blew something into the air, I think.

And speaking of that – it’s been SO NICE! Cloudy, cool and windy… The high was only 72 yesterday and it got down into the 60s last night. GLORIOUS! I had the windows open when I got home from work. Oh, and yes, took some allergy meds. It’s like a hint of Fall and I love that. COME ON cooler weather!

We had soccer practice last night and I chatted with one of the other moms who is a lawyer. I told her about the book signing on Saturday and she was all fired up. She said he was going to come – so cool! More book sales for me! hehe I sure hope people show up and I’m not sitting there like a dufus. I’ve been trying to come up with something to do – like a giveaway or something. I think I’m going to have a sign up for a drawing to win the first book and then put those winners on my newsletter list. I’ll have a check box on there so they can check whether or not they want to be added. Think I’ll buy some chocolate, too, to lure folks to the table. I better get busy with that – especially since I’ll be busy Friday night and Saturday morning!

Now I just have to decide what I’m going to wear…

Did edits last night on MAGIC. I’m planning the next section out. I feel like I really have to take my time with this story because it’s so complex. There are a lot of subplots that will turn into full-length novels later on so I have to make sure I get the characters right and the story right. I have it in my head exactly how I want it to go. Now I have to make sure I pull it off that way.

I’ve also been thinking about a pen name for the YA Fantasy stuff. I had originally thought I’d go with something completely different. But…there’s something about that rush of seeing your name on a book cover. So. I think I may end up going with the first initial of my first name, my middle name, and my last name. Besides – Miles is right smack in the middle of the alphabet. That’s good shelf space, right? 😉

Hopefully I’ll have some news regarding a submission by the end of the month. In the meantime, I’m judging another contest and doing some critiques. It’s so helping me learn!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.