Thursday Thirteen

It is Thursday right?

Anyway – last night AFI did their top 100 movies of all time. Citizen Kane made #1 again (Go, Rosebud!). So for a Thursday Thirteen, I thought I’d do my own top 13 movies of all time. These are really in no particular order – just how I thought of them.

  1. Raiders of the Lost Ark – I’m making this up as I go along
  2. The Empire Strikes Back – I just as soon kiss a Wookie
  3. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King – For Frodo!
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean – Savvy?
  5. The Princess Bride – What about the R.O.U.S.s?
  6. Casablanca – We’ll always have Paris.
  7. Gone With The Wind – I don’t give a damn!
  8. French Kiss – fester, fester, fester, rot, rot, rot
  9. Independence Day – Welcome to Earth!
  10. Monsters, Inc. – Using mainly spoons…
  11. The Fifth Element – Multi-Pass
  12. While You Were Sleeping – Cesar Romero was tall.
  13. Phantom of the Opera – All I Ask of You

Got a Thursday Thirteen or a favorite movie? Post it here.

By Michelle

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