Time flies

It amazes me that when cartoons are on and the kiddo is around, time seems to tick by slowly.

But when I’m home alone with the TV off, all of a sudden it’s 9 pm and I’m yawning uncontrollably. What is UP with that?

The weekend was good. It flew by. I barely remember Friday, though I think I did some grocery shopping that day. Saturday was soccer game, which they lost. And Sunday we went to church and then had lunch out and shopped around the book store. We didn’t get home until after 2 pm. I had Monday off as well. Kiddo and I went to the mall and did some walking around. I bought him some more clothes because he seemed to need some more jeans. Plus I got him a really cool jacket.

He asked in the car on the way home if I had playing cards. I didn’t; so it was off to Target to get some. After we got home, we had a rousing game or two of Go Fish and then he played on the Wii while I did some other things.

That evening, after he’d gone with his dad, Man and I went to chow down on some Mexican food. Then it was back to the book store because we could both spend hours in there and I didn’t get to browse when I had the kiddo the day before.

I stood in the Romance section and you know what I discovered? I good portion of the books on the shelf are Historical and Vampire… two of the genres that have the lowest interest level for me. Talk about disgusting. I couldn’t find ONE thing on the shelves that I wanted to read.

So I wondered over to Science Fiction/Fantasy. I found some things but nothing seems to be suiting me. I’m looking for urban fantasy – but please, no werewolves or vampires. Any one have any suggestions or recommendations?

I worked on the WIP last night. This rewrite I’m working on has proven difficult to construct, especially since I’m really trying to avoid this flashback scene. I want it to be in real time so I’m really taking my time on it and trying to get it just right. I just can’t barf out the words because whatever I write now, affects the rest of the story big time. It’s a long, slow, painful process. Even though I haven’t blogged about it, I have been writing. I might reach that November 1 deadline after all. 😉

That’s it for me…I’m off to work. At least once good thing…it’s Hump Day.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.