I painted for about 8 1/2 hours on Saturday and then about and hour on Sunday (I couldn’t finish Saturday). I also re-hung my curtains. When I first moved into my house, I just put the curtains up where the holes were in the wall. Since I was painting, I filled all the holes and started over. And besides, the curtains were about 5 inches off the floor and that just bugged me. Now, they hang the proper length – right above the carpet – and look better than they did before. Plus with the color on the walls, it just warms up the entire room. Makes it cozy. I’ll get pictures taken and post soon.

And then last night I cut up tree limbs last night and bagged them – 7 bags full! I waited until it was after 7 before I got outside to do that but I still sweated my ass off and the mosquitoes were awful. Good thing I had some bug spray all over me. Now I can get the yard mowed (oof).

I’m sore all over and I have about a dozen or so bruises all over my legs. And paint still on my elbow. haha BUT the house is done. I have one more room left to paint and that’s the office and then I’m really DONE. Well…except for the kitchen cabinets. And maybe the laundry room doors…

I just have this aversion to white walls. The transformation from white to that cream color is really amazing. White makes the house so stark and so bright and so…blinding. I’m still amazed at how toned down the living room feels. And the entry and the hallway.

Anyhoo…that’s about all I did this weekend. And I’m tired and had to come back to work to rest. hehe

And now it’s time for coffee…

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.