Tired Weekend

I didn’t get much sleep this weekend. The kiddo first woke up at 6:30 on Saturday and then went hard all day long. I was exhausted and even took a nap while he played. It amazes me that boys can make anything into a gun of some sort. Mostly his are laser guns. I’m pretty sure he watches too many cartoons.

I finally got him to bed and he was out in like 2.3 seconds. I think he was out the second his head hit the pillow. I stayed late because – for some reason – I couldn’t sleep once I got him to bed. Figures.

It was around 11 when I finally crawled into bed and quickly went to sleep. Only to be woke up at 3:30 am with a coughing boy. He got up and got in bed with me. I gave him something for the cough (it’s his darn allergies again) and he settled down and went back to sleep. I did, too, but woke up several times with feet in my back.

He woke me up by announcing it was 8:30. Thank you, son. And then his stomach growled really loud so I knew it was time to get up and get breakfast.

We headed to church and then to the store so I could get milk and the chili sauce I needed for dinner. Had lunch. Cleaned the fireplace. Went to the movies. We saw The Spiderwick Chronicles. I have to say, it was pretty good. Fast paced and there wasn’t a lot of set up. It was just, here’s the story now enjoy. The kiddo hid his head a lot but other than that, he really liked.

And we got previews of the new Indy movie. HOORAY! I was very happy and I’m so looking forward to this summer. There are lots of good movies coming out. Besides Indy, Kung Fu Panda looks hysterical and the kiddo wants to see Speed Racer. When he saw the previews, his eyes got all wide and he whispered, “I want to see that, Mom!” Oh, and I can’t forget Nim’s Island, the new Gerard Butler flick, which is out next month. Looks like I’ll be spending a good deal of money at the movies. 🙂

Paid off a few more bills this weekend. I think Coach must have known because they sent me a Preferred Customer Event card. I strolled through the store on Saturday afternoon when we hit the mall but there wasn’t anything there I was hot to have. The only thing I’m leaning toward is the Carly and since it’s their best seller, it’ll be around a while. I’m not buying a thing. (Well, maybe the high heel cell phone lanyard, but that’s IT!)

I’m rather excited to see I’m down to three credit cards. What a difference! So far, I’m sticking to my New Year’s Resolutions – paying off bills and writing five books this year. I’m fairly pleased with that. In a month or so, I want to get season passes to Six Flags. I also promised the kiddo I’d get him the bed he wants from Ikea, which will only set me back about $200. I’m shooting to get that by this summer. Then I can sell the bunk beds.

At any rate, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s looking pretty damn good. 🙂

Delilah started talking again and she’s kinda ticked off at the moment. I better go make her happy.

Happy Monday!

By Michelle

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