What is it about driving an hour in 100 degree heat that makes you so darn tired? Had to drive across town for a baby shower yesterday. It was a lot of fun. I’ve never been to a shower where the hosts give away presents. And nice ones! The guest of honor’s sister made candles for everyone AND the cake. It was adorable. And it was in this little tea room in the back of an antique shop. We played baby bingo and I won a $5 gift card to Bath & Body Works. :thumbsup:

What is it about tea rooms that they are so HOT inside? I thought I was going to die of the heat. Spent three hours there, had a nice Caesar salad, and then headed home (another hour in the car). Shortly after arriving, we went to Putt Putt where my son got to ride go karts for the first time. Forgot the camera. Sweated like a pig. Am beginning to despise Texas. Am thinking of moving to Canada. Or Alaska.

By the time we hit the house at 10 pm last night, I was exhausted. And I stank. There’s something about a nice hot shower after a long day like that…ahhh… crashed hard.

We bought some 350 thread count sheets. They’re in the washer right now and I can’t wait to get them on the bed. WOO! These are the nicest sheets I’ve ever bought. They were on sale and I got them for half price. Exciting. :wigglebrow:

And, just when you thought it was safe to diet, Starbucks has their own brand of ice cream out. Now, how the bloody hell was I to resist that? Java Chip is waiting for me in the freezer. Calling my name. Must…be…strong.

‘Course, you know I’ll be having some of that after dinner tonight. MmMmM… I can’t wait.

By Michelle

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