Tis Friday!

And how happy am I that not only is it Friday, but also my day off! WOO! I’m spending the day with my sweetie boy and we’re going to the zoo (provided it doesn’t rain – but I don’t think it will until tonight). I have lots of food coupons so we’ll probably stop somewhere for dinner. Maybe order pizza with macaroni (that’s what he calls the pepperoni :hehe:).

I had called my mother last night to tell her I was on my way and he got on the phone. I told him I was coming to get him and he said, “OK!” and sounded very happy. Made me happy. Since his other grandmother is sick, my mom took him to pick out some flowers for her. We’ll be taking them by there today, too. My mom had cooked a pork tenderloin with roasted potatoes, carrots, and onions with a nice sauce and a Greek salad. Wow, it was good!

Anyway, a busy day ahead. And I’m here, sitting at my little desk, drinking a cup of coffee, feeling hungry, with wet hair about to go dry it, while my baby boy sleeps. And boy is he ever sweet.

And now I must dash to get organized because I need to do some chapter business this morning. Plus – I’m starving!

Happy Friday, ya’ll! :thumbsup:

By Michelle

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