Today’s Guest: Siddharth Dalal

Hey gang. Today I’m pleased to have Siddharth Dalal here to talk about a very cool thing. Check it out, won’t you?

ibookdb150x150Hi All and thanks Michelle for inviting me to guest blog for The Internet Book Database (iBookDB) and The Internet Adult Book Database (iBookDb Adult). I’m Siddharth and I run both these sites.

I am very excited to introduce yuall (that’s how it is said here in Virginia) to our sites which are one of the Internet’s largest sources of book information according to Wikipedia.

iBookDB is happy to bring together authors and readers via our forums. Michelle was one of iBookDB Adult’s first few featured authors and I will take this opportunity to thank her for that and her contributions to our giveaway. Did I say giveaway? Yes! iBookDB has a monthly giveaway at so does iBookDB Adult where we giveaway books to users of our site. And the best part is you can pick which book you would like to win so you won’t get some random book you don’t want.

You can also manage your book collection online and we do have a nice widget that you can use on your blog. If you do blog about books, contact us to get book information embedded onto your website with almost no effort! If you really like our site and want to link to us, we can provide you with special links that will generate commissions for you from Amazon!

Authors of all genres, we would like to invite you to contact us for being featured or having your book listed and featured and contributing to our giveaway and reaching out to your fans. We also offer the cheapest form of advertising directly to readers and our “Ads by iBookDB” on our site cannot be blocked by Ad Blockers!

I am happy to answer any questions you all have about iBookDB. Come join our community and let us know what you think.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.