Happy Bunny Insult of the Day:
It scares me how dumb you are

I try to be a tolerant person. Really, I do. But when you’re surrounded by people that are (a) annoying and (b) just down right stupid, it’s hard for me.

Yesterday I faxed my application to the Citizens Fire Academy. I’m very excited about it. Now, they may or may not call me, but at least I’ve sent in my application. I was telling my co-worker about it and another person in the office overheard. So now she tells everyone (the eavesdropper) – in the loudest voice possible – that I’m going to “be a fireman.”

No. That’s not what I’m doing. I’m going to MEET HOT FIREMEN. There’s a big difference. And learn about the fire department. Get some hands-on (I can only hope) training. And, oh yeah, research for a book.

I guess it just rubbed me the wrong way. And I guess I just don’t like when people are mouthy about something they know nothing about.

And then there are the people who make my friends mad or make them cry. I don’t know about you, but when someone has upset my friend, it makes me want to kick their ever-lovin’ ass. Thoughtless comments are unnecessary and are only hurtful to the recipient. Why be that way? And if you really don’t like something, why not stand up and be a voice? Don’t bitch and moan and complain after the fact.

It’s much like people who complain about our country’s government when they don’t bother to vote. They don’t bother to stand up and be a voice. If you aren’t going to cast your vote for the candidate of your choosing, then shut the hell up.

I guess I’m just in a mood today. I don’t like people who think they’re better than everyone else. I have more to say on this subject but I don’t want to be spiteful and hateful in this blog entry so I’ll just keep it to myself. Probably better that way.

On a lighter note…I have a date on Friday. More on that later. Much later! 😉

By Michelle

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