Too Humid

Quote Du Jour:
Dr. Keats: Tom was in an accident and now he only has a ten-second memory.
Ten Second Tom: I was in an accident? That’s terrible.
Dr. Keats: Don’t worry, you’re totally gonna get over it in about three seconds.
–50 First Dates

It’s so humid outside I think you’d need gills to breathe. No joke. Yesterday was like that too. Husband said it reminded him of the coast (the coast here being Galveston). And it did.

We got a little rain yesterday but nothing major. No thunderstorms or anything. Also, yesterday my son dropped my comb in the toilet. Nice. At least the toilet was clean.

The weekend went way too fast. I woke up with Paul McCartney’s “Another Day” in my head. It bugged me so much I had to bring in the CD to work and listen to it (from All The Best).

I got some work done on the adventure serial this weekend. Had a brainstorm for a section that will come later, so I got it written down before I forgot it. Just over five pages and I imagine I’m going to try to break it up into at least two issues. Then I backtracked and worked on issue 109. Got it and 110 done and started 111. I’m thinking it’s time to bring these two home.

As for the romance, I have a definite idea of how to end that one. I’m in the home stretch now. Didn’t get any work done on the new WIP, though. It seems to be slowing down some. Still shooting for that 50K goal by the 31st though.

And UGH.. it’s Monday. Quite possibly the worst day of the week.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.