Top 5 Images that Inspired #WizardKing

Ever wondered where I found inspiration for IN THE TOWER OF THE WIZARD KING? Today, I’m going to show you! This story found me, latched on to me and wouldn’t let go. I’m a fan of Pinterest so when I started writing this book, I created a board for inspiration.

Image #1
One of the things that inspired me the most was pictures of gardens. I’m not sure why—gardens don’t play a huge role in the story but something about them captivated me. When I saw this image, I knew I had to include a hedge maze in the story somewhere!


Image #2
One of the items featured heavily in the story is the Time Sphere. What is a Time Sphere you ask? It’s a magical—dangerous!—object that allows time travel to the past or the future. I was inspired by this photo to bring the Time Sphere to life in the story.


Image #3
In one part of the story, the heroine, Aoife (EE-fa), discovers an old steamer trunk in the attic. When she opens it, there’s a portal to Faery inside. I imaged it would look something like this.

3-trunkImage #4
The Ivory Wood features heavily in the story too as the place where the Time Sphere can be found. I searched for specific images that made me think of Ivory Wood. When I stumbled across this photo, I knew it was perfect.

4-ivory-woodImage #5
And, lastly, the title is In the Tower of the Wizard King, so naturally I needed a tower for inspiration. I love searching through stock photos. It’s a great procrastination tactic when the story is stalled. 😉 I used this as my inspiration for the Wizard King’s tower.

5-towersIf you want to see more inspirational images for the book, check out my Pinterest board. I’ve also cast my characters. You can find that here. I hope you check it out!

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